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    how to create a background like this?

    I want to create in Adobe Photoshop CS6 a background like the following. I have no idea how to do it. Can please nobody help me? any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
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    New to this forum thing

    Whats good everyone. I'm new to the forum scene but i have some pretty good skills in photoshop. Got any questions or suggestions just hit me up or check me out on youtube for some good tutorials. I will probably also post some on here. Youtube name [beemsteemproductions] thanks in advance
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    How to make these effects.

    I have a photoshop assignment for my final exam. Instructer said he wouldn't help cause its a final, but you guys can. How do I make these effects?
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    Help for recreating an edit

    Well, i found this photo on the internet and has been trying to replicate the effect ever since (i tried HDR). Can anyone be kind enough to help me out here?. Thank you in advance. PS. I am an intermediate level user in photoshop and lightroom.
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    How to recreate this ceramic glaze effect?

    Interested in how to recreate this ceramic glaze effect in the most realistic way possible. Appreciate some advice. FJORD chair: Patricia Urquiola