1. K

    Logo for my clinic

    Greetings Everyone. I am very new, but opening up with a request. I have several different versions of my logo posted below. I am looking to make it look more professional. I would like opaque as well as transparent versions of this. Also, I would like the text to look more professional...
  2. Na11

    How can I make this text effect?

    I've tried playing with the text styles but I can seem to get it right. Ideas?
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Pyramids

    My 'Creativity Booster' provides me with cool 3D ideas.
  4. T


    Give me your ideas :) (In the attached thumbnail there is my personal signature but I didn't know how to remove it :lol: )
  5. Q

    logo help

    I really need help designing a logo for a small startup business called black cotton, but I've hit a wall and need help with ideas. Anything would be appreciated please. The sketches on the right is the best of come up with too :( .
  6. chrisdesign

    1000 and more ideas for your next creation!

    Brain dead? No ideas for your project. Here is a good place to find inspirations for your next creations!
  7. R

    Directional Blur on Text

    Hi everyone I'm trying to blur some text i've added to a photo of a turntable I'm trying to blur it to make it look like it's turning (with the turntable) But my blurs just aren't looking correct Any ideas or advice always appreciated - See my attached attempt Thanks Andy
  8. R

    need help on how to make the subject(man) more realistic to the background

    Hi , Any help ideas is very much appreciated. thanks, Redell
  9. M

    computer WAAY too slow when rendering video

    hi guys, i'm pulling my hair out in frustration. when i try to render just 20seconds or so of 1080p 24fps video (shot by my phantom 3 drone) , as soon as i click export-render i get the 'working' sybol of white, grey and black circles spinning, this can go on for 5 minutes before i even get to...
  10. C

    Odd Ghostly image.

    Got permission from my friend to post this here. There appears to be an odd ghostly arm holding the little girl under the chin. Sorry the image is small but does anyone have any ideas on what it could be?
  11. Evil Nemesis

    Oval / Long shape face makeover ideas

    What are some tips and tricks in ps to for a good looking makeover. I tried here but I still think I couldn't go for better color choices and even though I tried very hard but it still looks strong to me. (Check attached image) Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
  12. L

    Photoshop CS 8.0

    Hi, I'm not exactly new. I was here once before. I just bought a new MacBook Air and want to upgrade my Photoshop CS version 8.0. (2007) I can't seem to find a way to do that from anything I can find on the Adobe website. Plus their forums section keeps crashing! Any ideas? Thanks, LCK
  13. N

    gaming skin

    Could anyone make for me like a couple samples on this theme? And it has to be related with this image or blue moon. Nothing certain required just an ideas, please.
  14. L

    How do I create this effect?

    Hi All, I need to recreate a similar style to the attached... They seem to have a warming / soft focus style to them. Any ideas how this is done, or is it a lens? Thanks Lee
  15. O

    Removing background - to make image look professional

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone could help. I have an image (please see attached) that I am looking to remove the background. Does anyone have any ideas / thoughts on the best way to do this? I need to keep the lighting effect on each bulb showing. I am thinking about using a Black...
  16. J

    Hello there

    Hi, This is newbie here, Hope this forum is a great medium to share ideas..
  17. A

    tips for web designing

    Hello guys Ali here , recently our class teacher give is assignment " Design website in photoshop " . For this i want you guys to give me some tips about webdesign and ideas . Thanx in advance
  18. R

    Ocean touch up - remove algae or darker spots

    Hi, looking for any advice - not an actual edit. This shot has some algae or discoloration in the water in many spots, most notably in the bottom third. I've tried a few different ideas with mixed luck. I am wary of a straight clone or heal as it may take some time. Any ideas on how to...
  19. B

    Ideas and executing them in photoshop/ illustrator..etc

    Hi, all. I have a question. I have so many ideas that I've sketched out and wrote down to be designed in either photoshop or illustrator. I'm not so great with illustrator and I never understood it when I was in college cuz the teachers SUCKED! But anyways I'm having a hard time with having the...
  20. T

    Effects or techniques for these faces

    So, I am working on a pic I plan to probably use as a CS:GO avatar or just for what ever...anyway this is what I have so far. I am at a loss on (have tried a bunch of plug-ins and filters to no avail) any advice or ideas on the face and maybe background? Really hoping for some help with the...