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  1. A

    Analyzing images for scientific research

    I am a lab assistant at Norther Arizona University's Ecosystem Science research lab with the task of analyzing thousands of images in photoshop. The goal is to calculate the amount of living, green plant matter within a specific circular area. I am hoping for advice on how I can streamline...
  2. chrisdesign

    Steam Jet Buggy

    This crossbreed vehicle is equally at home on land and in the water. Of course, it belongs to the steampunk epoch, and is driven by steam power. As always, this is a pure fantasy Photoshop composite, though it could have been invented like this in earlier times. Your critique is very welcome...
  3. R

    Could anyone help with photoshopping two images together?!

    I am very incompetent at even basic photoshopping, so any help would be very very much appreciated! Basically, I would like to turn photos of famous people into black and white, and then photoshop them into the below picture so it looks like I have my arm around them: (sorry it's not great...
  4. S

    Action Terminology -- I need help.

    I saw this photoshop action the other day I was impressed with. I'm on the hunt for a similar Action but I'm completely lost on what search terms to use in my hunt. I have 4 images that give you an idea what the action does. I will also use the images to help explain my confusion. IMAGE 1...
  5. chrisdesign

    Fantasy Clock

    This is a wallpaper in Steampunk style. I'm open to your critique and suggestions. Click to enlarge. Some of the used images are my own, and some images I found with Google.
  6. C

    Batch Watermarking Images with different PPI

    Trying to figure out how I can batch watermark images with different PPI. My current method: Open Actions: Create action-Watermark Record I open the image I want to watermark, all horizontal/vertical images I place my watermark symbol (.png file) - File - Place Resize the watermark, then...
  7. L

    [Request] Wedding photos

  8. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Brass Musician

    This musician is wearing a backpack that generates steam. The pressure is needed for the trumpet headdress, and the guy plays the instrument with his gun-like gadget. The excess pressure is discharged through the back part of the headdress and produces simultaneously to the trumpet sound a kind...
  9. M

    Request - combine sequence of images of someone jumping into pool

    Hi,I am looking for a tutorial on combining multiple images of some one jumping into a pool. I have tried stacking images, converting them to smart objects and using stack mode. The best I could find was using "mean", but when using 2 images I found where the background was the same everything...
  10. MikeMc

    Sharpening with Topaz.....DeNoise

    Very informative video and technique. The idea is from a 17 year old.....WOW this is a great tool...for high ISO images...