1. M

    How were these images edited?

    Hi everyone, so I'm a player of a game called Final Fantasy XIV, and what I do with this is taking screenshots and editing them with PS. I was searching up for some other's cool screenshots and I found out this person, and s/he works just blew my mind. as you can see, the uploader changed the...
  2. K

    Anyone who uses a Photo Viewer Pro?

    My friends uses other alternative like Photo Viewer Pro. Is this also a free and good in photo improvements? Any one who has tried it?
  3. gedstar

    Need help with Photo Manip

    Thanks to Eggy and Chris, decided to get off my lazy arse and try and get back into Photo Manip Here's what I've done so far, needs more work but I would really like some suggestions as to what I could add and any improvements I could make. Will post images used when it's finished Thanks in...
  4. B

    Yes! Finally uploaded old photo that needs improvements

    After many days and several different attempts, I've finally been able to insert this image. A member suggested that IE9 might have been the problem, I removed it, and now the upload is working. Phew. So here is the poor old photo I have that is way underexposed on the right. If you have any...