1. A

    How to install photoshop?

    I tried to install photoshop in my lap, but I can't. It often asks me the product key I don't have an idea about where to get a product key. Can anyone help me to come out of this issue.
  2. L

    Hello all

    Attempting to learn how to use Photoshop as an alternate to drawing a mechanical installation.
  3. A

    Can't reinstall Painter 2015 x64

    When I tried to start Painter 2015x64, I got an error message telling me to reinstall from the original source. When I tried that, I got a message telling me the previous installation was corrupt. So I tried to uninstall the old installation through Control Panel, and got the same message, so...
  4. H

    Need to recover my serial number

    I purchased a used MacBook Pro, complete with CS5, from a private party whom I am no longer in contact with. Everything seems to work except Photoshop. Originally, upon program initialion an erroro message would appear, reading: I just uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but I can't find...
  5. J

    Newbie needs help to re-install PS 7.0.1

    I cannot recall which username or password I used when I installed Photoshop 7.0.1 many years ago. Support does not support my version. I am trying to re-install on my mac 10.4.11 ANY HELP WOULD BE A LIFE SAVER AT THIS POINT> JUDY P:sad:
  6. ///Mostarac

    Plugin installation help.

    Hello all. I'm new to the photoshop forums! I've done some searching on a few different forums and found that this was the most popular and that none of the forums have had my problem previously posted. My problem is that I just downloaded the plugin called Alien Skin Exposure for CS5. I...
  7. J

    Greetings and...HALP me...HALP me!

    Greetings, First time poster to forum, thank you for having me. I hope to contribute something useful to your forums. I do have a request for help, this is driving me batty... I've got a nice new box with a 30GB SSD as my boot disk. Currently I have CS4 and CS5, so it doesn't matter which...