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    9 underwater/pool side photos need editing for $30?

    Hi I have 9 photos of my daughter and her friends at an underwater/pool mermaid shoot and I wondered if someone would be willing to edit them to make it look like beach/ocean and that the item she's picking up from the pool into something mermaid related? I can't seem to load the pictures onto...
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    Copy and paste problem

    New guy here. Just got Photoshop recently and Im still learning the ropes. My problem is this. I resized an image. I then saved it as a psd. I made a selection of an item on this image and then went to paste it onto another psd image. But when I do it pastes it at the dimensionsthat the item...
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    Polygonal Lasso + Brightness = Unwanted Glow

    Whenever I use the Polygonal Lasso tool lately, and then modify the brightness of the item selected, it creates a "GLOW" around the *outside* of what I have selected. So when I deselect it, there is now this "aura" around the item. I have gone into all the settings, messed with "Feather"...
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    Making an item black (or another color)

    So, I know how to make an item white, when it has another color, but now I want to make it black, and I can't get it done, so frustrating... Does anybody have the golden tip how to do this?