1. furyy


    Hey guys! I'm from Indonesia. I'm a male. I study biology and play video games a lot, but I'd really like to learn photoshop. This looks like a very nice forum. Glad to join the PSG!
  2. T

    Hello everyone Nice to meet you guys

    Hello my name is Thomas and I have a few years experience with photoshop but I still have a lot to learn. Been lurking around awhile but decided to join. Looking forward to learning some new tips and tricks. Thanks, T.
  3. A

    Join 2 pics for panorama

    Hi! Glad to meet you all. I'd like to ask here for a small work; I want to join/merge the 2 pics I attach here, in order to get a single one as a panorama, although not very big because they are 2 pics and a part of them overlaps. I've tried to do it but as they were edited with prysma...
  4. C

    Sup, New guy here!

    :eek: Hello everyone names Court, just recently found this forum after looking up dimensions for a design that im doing and umm...yeah i decided to join, haven't been on a graphic design forum since i was 17 lol. Glad to be here though and i hope to make new friends.:mrgreen:
  5. O

    introducing me myself and I: outletvalve

    Hi everybody :hi: I'm outletvalve from the Netherlands. I'm a newbie here, just wondering around and getting used to the rules here... Hope to join the club, and have a good time! :happy:outletvalve
  6. R

    Introducing myself

    Just posting since I got a warning about 0-post members. I'm a beginner and it's good to join everyone. Many thanks to samiam for his help.
  7. Nilony


    Hello to you all, my name is Marcos, and I'm interested in learning some Photoshop skills. I got a new project going on to start creating football mini kits, but since I lack the knowledge to manipulate some of the essential tools (all of them, really), I went on to join a specific community. I...
  8. dv8_fx

    BASIC CHALLENGE #1 - Create a Mini Planet

    WELCOME TO OUR VERY FIRST PHOTOSHOP BASIC CHALLENGE!!! To start the ball rolling.... The solar system was never the same ever since scientists kicked out it's smallest member - Pluto. But don't fret as all is not lost because this challenge requires you to..... CREATE A MINI PLANET IN...
  9. Steve

    We have a new Moderator

    I am very pleased to announce that today we have a new Moderator. Gedstar has agreed to join the team and help us keep PSG great forum that it is. Thanks Gedstar :thumbsup: :clap::happy:
  10. C

    Hello ^^

    i'm New Member i like photoshop (photomanipulation vexel ...) :happy: i'm a 21 years i'm from Marocco i'm happy because to join this Web Site i need new Bro new Sister new teacher :wave2: thanks ^^
  11. P

    Illustrator Help with joining paths and two other 'I should know this' questions.

    Hey everyone, right now I'm working on a project and I needed to join paths, but nothing seems to work. I wanted a rounded bump with sloping sides so I used three ellipses and deleted the two outer ones leaving their curved edges. But for some reason no matter what I select in the...
  12. T


    Hello everyone! i am new here.feeling glad to join this community.
  13. M

    Hi, I'm Mar Ian :D !

    Hello :D . My name is Marian, I want to learn some photoshop design...and I hope I'll find here some tasks for a beginer like me... I'm happy to join the community , and great to meet you all :D
  14. PGalangArt

    Hello Gurus!

    Hello everyone. I'm PGalangArt and I'm a freelance illustrator based in the Bay Area. I always wanted to join, but never got to it, so here I am. Lets start making something.
  15. S

    Xbox 360 (online)

    Heya! Are here some persons that plays on the Xbox 360 online? I play Splinter Cell Blacklist everyday and CoD MW3. If you want to join.. :) GT: StephanieVM (say that ur from PS forum plz)
  16. K

    dear all new member here. Greetings

    dear all new member here. Greetings Thanks to the admin has allowed join
  17. G


    Thanks for letting me in. I'm a CS6 user who works in a school as the marketing and communications guy. In my head,I think I know a fair bit about Photoshop, but in reality I reckon I'm just scratching the surface. Hoping to join in and learn!
  18. C

    canvas setup

    Is there any way to make it so that when I place an object on my canvas, if I move it across to the left, any overhang comes back in on the right, and vise versa. Also, the same for top/bottom? I have no idea what you would call that, so google fails me.
  19. nataloran

    Hi there... Happy to join you !

    Hello there, I am Nat I come from Belgium and I am a "bloody" French speaker grins, with a good sense of humour ;-) Now I think that was important to say I am French speaker cause sometimes you will see my English can be tricky hahahah, so at least I warned you ! Now I am looking forward to be...