1. furyy

    Please remove the lady from this image

    Hey guys! Can you help remove the lady on the right and match the lighting of the skirt? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. R

    Help to remove lady from image

    I would greatly appreciate help in removing the lady in the blue bag from the picture. If not possible, is it possible to blur out instead? Image is uploaded via the link below. I am unable to resize it as it distorts the image.
  3. T

    Please remove people in background and also blonde lady in leopard blouse

    Could someone Please remove people in the background and also possibly remove long-haired blonde lady (2nd from right) in leopard blouse? If possible, Thanks so much!
  4. S

    can someone remove the lady walking by? thank you

    If anyone can help, that would be great
  5. L

    Remove a Shadow

    If anyone is able to remove the shadows on my dress and the two beside it. Also if there is any way to remove the little girl in the pink dress and the lady with the white top as well. This would be much appreciated and thank you in advance!! :)
  6. D

    Can you please help me edit this picture?

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you :) Can you please help me remove the 3 plates in the picture and also the lady in the back? I'm sorry I don't know how to rotate picture in this post... Thank you so much :D
  7. L

    Pls help an unskilled blonde girl

    Hi there I was just wondering if someone could photoshop this picture to make it look like I have another one of my arms because it looks like I don't have a right arm Also if you could remove the lady to my left and the people at the top along with their stuff andddd if you could somehow make...
  8. S

    Cropping person out of photo

    This is a picture of both my boys at a stockshow. I would like to see if anyone can take the lady in the background out of the picture.
  9. P

    Can someone photoshop my grandma

    can someone photoshop the birthday cone and the lady that's hugging my grandma away make it seem like it was never there
  10. Pipsmom

    Advice on sunglare

    I've worked on this picture all day and nothing is working for me 100% so I'm back asking my teachers here. Tried a gradient with limited success, isolation and saturation, cloning, hue, levels, name it I've tried it. Problem is the bright sunglare/fade on the top of the head in...
  11. G

    Superimpose faces

    Hi could someone please photoshop the 2 faces of the ladies on these pictures onto the faces of a picture of Cissie and Ada please? The lady with the glasses needs to go on Ada (the one in rollers) and the other lady onto the...
  12. P

    Help with a yellow removal from a black and white photo

    Hi all I am not a newbie as such but due to lifes trials its been a long while since I have had the chance to do anything with ps. I am terrible at remembering things if I dont do them constantly and I cannot remember this I have been asked if I can do anything with this photo and its the...
  13. chrisdesign

    Golden Attraction

    I have met an interesting young lady at my Steampunk Exhibition. She liked the "style" of my images and talked me into creating a composite for herself. Her favorite animal is the tiger, and a tiger head logo shows on her business card of her small printing company. So this is what I created...
  14. M

    Help me switch heads on a picture

    Hi everyone, I am very new to photoshop and am just starting to try my hand at photography. I have a delma with two pictures I recently took at an event. in the first image I like everything except for the one lady has her eyes closed. In the next shot, a different lady has her eyes closed...
  15. Paul

    First lady.

    Oh how she as changed since getting to the White house:bustagut:
  16. chrisdesign

    Art Deco Computer

    Paul suggested in a comment in one of my last threads that I should try an image with a computer. So here is what I came up with. Critique and comments are welcome. The images I found with Google. The lady is from:
  17. chrisdesign

    Cyber Eye

    This lady can see straight into your soul. Be cautious, it is dangerous to look at the picture for more than 10 seconds.
  18. Paul

    First lady manipulation

    Been a while so thought i would give her a makeover:mrgreen:
  19. B

    Remove the lady from this picture

    Hey guys. I know this is not the best of pictures but i'm trying to get this lady out of the picture and onto a transparent back ground Could you help me please
  20. Paul

    Lady in oils

    This was made using lots of differing styles within my tool box, no add ons just shop tools. Before and after shots below. what do you think of it?