1. Pipsmom

    Hunting Grounds

    This is getting contagious making composites. This one I call Ancient Hunting Grounds.....hint find the Indian on horseback To large to post so click the links AFTER USED PICTURES
  2. R

    Large brush

    I am ready to install a ssd to pick up performance but whenever is use a large brush, say over 1500 px my computer goes into a spinning circle (used to be hour glass) to apply the effect, anything else I can do, I have an i7, 32 gb ram, windows 10.
  3. R

    RAM issue when editing large images

    hello i want to use photoshop for medium large images..when i open 10 images( 3500 - 2500 px ) to remove background and i want to use quickselection tool it shows this error while there is still free amount of RAM to use .. also i let photoshop to use all RAM plz help ...
  4. C

    Interactive layout feature missing in Photomerge CC2017

    I know that Adobe has removed it and have been trying other ways to do it. Tried using File > Scripts > Load files into stack and moving things around manually, also tried using the Attempt To Automactly Align Images checkbox, what a mess I end up with. I am trying to merge sections of scans of...
  5. C

    Annoying Hotspot

    New user here. HI! :) I'm still a complete novice with Photoshop despite having had it nearly a year. I have a photo which I need help with. There's a huge hotspot on the figure in the picture, can anyone help me remove? I've tried loads of things but it's not doing much good! :( I've tried...
  6. N

    This oughta sound weird!!!

  7. A

    Weird and funny request

    Hi all! I have a weird request. On the wall behind my buddies here could I have in graffiti style the statement 'Daniel Day-Lewis Is The Poor Man's Nic Cage' - in large enough writing to be legible. Thanks so much in advance!!
  8. A

    Large looping oil stains on sensor removal

    I had a large looping stain on my sensor last time I shot(since has been cleaned) and I can't seem to remove them. I tried both photoshop and lightroom(I have the latest version of CC now since I'm on the subscription). I tried clone stamp, heal and patch but the photo just doesn't look good...
  9. G

    After Effects Should my rendered file be this size??

    So I have a small lyric video I've made. It's about 4 mins long and 60MB in 1080p after I've exported in Windows Live Movie Maker. The problem was the edges were blurred in the final product so I wanted to crop them out, which I did fine, but when I rendered the file in After Effects CS6 using...
  10. K

    View large canvas

    I'm a beginner so excuse my lack of skill. I'm trying to design a business card. I made a new file and made the dimensions about 3 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The new image on my screen is the actual real size, so I'm basically working with this tiny image. I was expecting to be working...
  11. C

    Help!!!! Need to catch this robber!

    Hello everyone, I am begging for your help in catching the scumbag who robbed my mom this weekend. He came up behind her and snatched her purse, knocking her over and dragging her along the sidewalk. I have some footage of the guy but no skills in video editing or photoshop. I know there...
  12. R

    image always resizes when moving to larger background..??

    I've been using Elements 9 for several years... just started using v12... this is driving me CRAZY... I'm trying to add several smaller images on a large background image; but the smaller image auto-resizes to fit the larger image size when I move it to the large background..??... I can do...
  13. E

    3D IBL too large

    Hi, I'm currently working on a 3D Project in PS CC and can't handle some issues with the IBL. The IBL is extremley large compared to my project settings (about 1400px x 900px). I had this problem before and I was albe to solve it by ungrouping some 3D objects, but this is not the case anymore...
  14. MikeMc

    What did I do

    I think that states it well. I don't know what I did, but now when I open any image in CS5 I can't keep it in "icon" view...shows me details... Yep I know about the box (circled) and it will adjust to the "large icon "view...but won't stay that way.... In windows (7) I can click on the same...
  15. P

    Produce large Files (100 meters and more) working with low and high resolution files

    We are currently working on an architecutre project for which we have to make printed curtains/screens. The maximum of one Curtain is about 180 meters (600ft). Over the 180 meters we have a pattern, which makes it not so easy to split files into pieces (color gradients, a.m.m.) Our printing...
  16. B

    Resizing from Large to small make image pixelated?

    So I made a Icon in Illustrator and imported it to ps and resized it to 19x19 from 250x250 (not accurate on the actual size) but it was from a bigger image to a small one. Why is my image coming out pixelated? I am guessing because the original image was a png and I had to turn it into a ico file.
  17. B

    Help with large banner file

    Hi everyone, I created a design for my fraternity's new rush banner we need to have made. It's going to be 10ft x 8ft. I originally sent the design scalled down to 1000pixels x 800 pixels. The gentleman working with us replied that I must send him the image scalled down at 350 dpi or in real...