1. English_Wolf

    Many photoshop e-books avalable here

    The site seems legitimate. I removed the link EW These are copyrighted books
  2. M

    New member arrival

    Hi all, Greetings from the Chisholm Trail and the sweeping prairie of Oklahoma. I'm a freelance designer and published writer. I am basically on the ground floor of Photoshop trying to bring my skill up to speed. I was told this was the place I can do it. I make a meager living designing...
  3. K

    Hello :) From Cali & new!

    Hi everyone! (Hoping I'm not spamming by doing two intros, did one earlier but I don't think it got saved.) Recently came across Photoshop Gurus when I had a question about Photoshop. I'm hoping to learn more about Photoshop as a hobby. I've just gotten a job, and told my boss that I had...