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  1. S

    License Plate Photo for Hit and Run Victim

    Hello, A driver hit my vehicle and drove away. a witness left a note on my vehicle with his phone number. I contacted him and he was able to send me a picture he took but I cannot make out both the license plates because of the glare. Can anyone please help so I can give to the police so we...
  2. J

    Debluring a licence plate photo

    Hi guys and girls im wondering if anyone would be able to help me deblur the license plate on the orange car in the photo i have attached. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  3. S

    Photoshop Licenses - Changing Platforms

    Hi all I hope this isnt the wrong board or even website to post in, but I have a question that the Adobe Live Chat guys werent much help with (they just seemed keen on selling me Creative Cloud) Currently we have a CS4 license on two PC's, with two people using it at the same time. In the near...
  4. J

    Sharpen a license plate - help solve a crime, please!

    Hello all Photoshop Gurus- We are on vacation and had all of our vehicles broken into last night. No one here has access to photoshop, so we are hoping someone can help us ASAP. We have an image of a suspect vehicle and are trying to relay the license plate number to the state police. Can...
  5. F

    Protecting My Website Template With Creative Commons License

    Hi guys, I've just created my first website template, its nearly passed the design phase now but i want to know how i can protect it from being re-distro by others as i plan to sell it on. I've looked in a Creative Commons License, as i cant be bothered to wait / fork out some cash. This...