1. I

    Loading Photoshop versions

    I have design standard 5.5 loaded on my laptop. What happens if I don't uninstall it and load cs6?
  2. S

    NEED URGENT HELP - Original Lightroom 3 disc won't load ??

    PLEASE HELP !! I have my original disc for Lightroom 3 which I am trying to load onto my iMac after having to get the hard drive replaced. When I load the disc up, the computer tells me: "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." I have my serial number, does anyone have a...
  3. ibclare

    Dog Lovers, get a load of this!

    http://mom.me/food/16570-extreme-dog-grooming/ for example
  4. Paul

    Fire near me today

    Small bushfire, then the Thunderbirds kicked into action would post more but the sites taking forever to load them today? All good now fires under control one fireman injured smoke inhalation issues.
  5. J

    compress png

    I have created a logo for use on my website. when i go to 'save for the web' it tells me that the file is too large & will slow down load time. im sure it is to do with the resolution of the image file which is 8482 X 4926 pixels. how can i compress it?
  6. O

    Brushes won't load in CS6 Extended

    For some reason a large portion of brushes I'm downloading lately will not load. Saying file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. Is that even possible?
  7. MrToM

    [Solved] PS CC 2014 Load Files into Stack...

    Its probably me again but the 'Load Files into Stack...' script in PS CC 2014 doesn't seem to want to play. [ With no document open and loading a list of 5 images ] I get two documents created, one with just the last file in the list opened and the other with a blank layer, the same image as...
  8. B

    How to load shapes into Photoshop?

    I'm trying to load vector shapes into Photoshop CS6 Extended and it's not working. I used this tutorial "Installing & Using Photoshop Custom Shapes"from the website ObsidianDawn, which I can't link in any way, shape, or form. I also used the unzip tutorial linked on the same page. I followed...
  9. Vafann

    Easier way to load brushes and actions?

    Hi! i have wondering about this a long time, is there some way to easily load brushes and actions and things to Photoshop? I have tons of these things that are still zipped because it´s such a hassle to get them into Photoshop. Do you really have to go through the whole " Computer/user/...