1. M

    Noob just arriving.

    Hey everyone, Im Matt, 25, from Florida. I currently live in the UK for work (military) and have started getting back into PhotoShop. I was doing it for a while but stopped for some years, now I'm looking to get back on the saddle. Hope I fit in well here and learn a lot from everyone in the...
  2. L

    Problem with the 3D rotate options

    I'm trying to do a normal isometric view but this is the final result : (see the immage below) what's wrong? On the left there is the wrong view and on the right the original one. Maybe a problem with the groups? I'm new here, so I hope to have write on the right forum! Thanks a lot :) leo
  3. Zain Khan

    Photo to cartoon

    I did this for fun, although I know a lot of work is needed to get this one perfect. What do you think?
  4. BobTheWizzard

    You shall not... PASS!!!

    That's what a real wizard should say. Name : Bob Age : the beginning of a mature human being, 22. Occupation : Shelf-Employed, aka : freelancer, aka : too lazy to get a real job. Mah skillz... Photoshop (intermediate), CSS / HTML, Been working with bootstrap, in php, management, advertising...
  5. Y

    Hi from Dorset, UK

    Hi, my name is Yvonne and I am from Dorset in the UK. I have just purchased Photoshop Elements and am a first-time user. I have recently started using Lightroom too. Although I have loved taking photographs for many years, I have only just acquired my first DSLR camera, a Canon EOS 1200D, and am...
  6. S

    Hi there!

    Aloha, howdy, and how d'ya do! My name's Jen, I'm from Scotland and recently took up photography as a hobby. It's been years since I've used photoshop, and while I used to know the program pretty well it has changed quite a lot and I'm very out of practice. Hope to become an old hand at it in...
  7. C

    bridge cc slow to start

    Has anyone noticed since the last update that bridge is slow to start. It used to open a lot faster than it is now. Just curious.
  8. P


    I'm phenom187, I am graphic designer who's been using a lot of illustrator and wants to improve my photoshop skills.
  9. Paul

    Snowed in yet?

    Hope my American Photoshoppers are ok at the minute, some parts have a lot of snow over them stay safe guys:mrgreen:
  10. M

    Clarifying/Lightening Glass to look more natural on white

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice on touching up some photos of a product I make, and would really appreciate any direction you can give. It's a homebrewing kit housed in a wooden base, and has proven a bit tough to isolate on white as there are a lot of glass components involved. I'm...
  11. axxo

    Nikki minaj butt?

    hello everyone, i am just curious of the theories you guys might have on nikki's butt? - for those who dont know her- she is an american "singer"... that dose little singing but is in the "media a lot" this pic was taken during one of her concerts. do you think that is a bad case of surgery?? of...
  12. T

    Help PLEASE with setting up my Camera to take better pictures.

    Hello To All, I was just wondering if I can maybe get a little help with setting up my camera to take pictures of a high school Volleyball team. As some of you may know or not that high schools sports a lot of the time are on there own as far as raising money for there sport. So last year I...
  13. R

    Dental logo

    Hi there! Can someone help me with a dental logo with the text: EDSA Bucharest '16 57th meeting and 11th congress With this image : It should look smth like this: Please if anyone could help me and spare 5 min for doing this I would apreciate it a lot! Thaaaks!
  14. nachofrades

    Text issue

    Hi folks! I don't use much text tool, but it's for curiosity. When I type some word with text tool, all works fine, but when I tyoe a number or a dot in example, it puts in the beginning of the text... TAL (Thanks a lot) :mrgreen:
  15. K

    [Q] How to make same surface ?

    Hello, I am currently practicing shooting products and cleaning them in photoshop, I am experiencing a problem. The sponge that I shooted down below is not unicolored, notice the dark and light parts of it. How can I make all the surface get the same color using photoshop? I searched online a...
  16. B

    Help! How do I make a dramatic half shadow face?

    I want to be able to make a picture of myself like the album cover of John Lennon's Greatest Hits. I've searched a lot of tutorials on youtube and It doesn't seem to look like it. I want it to look like it is in the photo, Anyone help? Here's the photo attached
  17. nachofrades


    Hi, I have a doubt about eyedropper. I work with a lot of layers, and sometimes I want to pick the "All Layers" color, and others only the color in the current layer... I have seen here http://blogs.adobe.com/jkost/2012/06/the-eyedropper-tool-additional-sample-options-in-photoshop-cs6.html that...
  18. Boomawoom

    There's a lot of guests on the forum

    "There are currently 113 users online. 9 members and 101 guests, with 3 spiders" I don't know what a spider is but we have more than 10 guests for every member(I'm great at maths). Join us guests! We don't bite, well... maybe the spiders.