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  1. C

    Specific Photoshop Map of Earth as if it's been Folded like Corrugated Iron

    Hi, This image is just for fun. It'd be in the style of 'Flat Earth Conspiracy' images except the 'flat earth' is corrugated. I don't have source images at the moment as I reckon I'd be worse at sourcing them than whoever could make this. Please have a background of space (just distant...
  2. O

    Specific Remove part of a drawing (Clear A'tuin paw, Terry Pratchett, Discworld Map)

    Hello everyone ! For a personal creation I need a picture of A'tuin, the discworld tortoise, with all skin part uncovered. I want to remove hippos, owl and "angel" wings part whose are in front of the tortoise paw/leg. Unfortunatly, my desing skill are not that good. Best resolution I can...
  3. E

    Specific Black outline of street map from this cutout

    Hi Hopefully someone can help me. I am looking to get a rubber stamp made of a black outline of a city street map. I saw this white cutout but basical need it to convert the white line to black with no background and a slight black line frame put around it (about the thickness of the smaller...
  4. D

    Specific Historian in Need of Help

    Hello, I have an old map of Lima (the capital of Peru) which am I going to use to mark certain locations. However, the quality of the map is pretty bad. If you zoom in on certain parts of the map, it gets worse. I was wondering if someone could make it black and white, delete the lines...
  5. G

    [3D] opacity map with unlit?

    I handpaint textures for 3D characters, and I'd like to know if there's a way to work with an opacity map in unlit settings, since unlit seems to ignore that completely.
  6. D

    Arcade art edit

    I'm trying to make an overlay for an arcade cabinet build. Could someone fade these to pictures together with the old zelda map on the left and the new map on the right. It won't seem to let me upload the .psd overlay file, so I dont' even know if this will work.
  7. K

    Trying to figure out how to combine these images

    I'm trying to combine these images: The second image is just for example.I think using the same color would make the font harder to read. I would like it to look something like the image below but just the party where the map can be seen in the font.
  8. S

    Planet city lights for 3d application

    Hi! I have now created planet surface map (8k), and other files for Blender/3DS Max. I created that map with Fractal Terrains v3. So i need now create city lights for that planet. Any ideas how to make those "cities"? :banghead: I put here planet surface map so you can see what i have made.
  9. S

    Workflow for matching colors on this map?

    Hi! Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. This is a composite satellite image from google maps. The actual size is about nine feet tall at 300 dpi. It's going to be shown at an exhibition at my school as the background for some photos I took at various locations in this area. I'm...
  10. D

    Gif in photo

    Is it possible to have an animated gif type thing in a photo Such as having a map of the USA and selecting the outer parts then putting a motion flag in the outside area of the map
  11. revnart

    Gradient Map - from image

    Hi, any of you know an automatic way of creating gradient/gradient map from image or even better: from layer or selection? I really often need to change a colours of products for one of my clients, using different tools, hue and saturation+curves+ other tools but sometimes it just doesn't look...
  12. E

    Redesign image of Australian map

    Hi everyone, I have a small task that I need some help with. Basically, I want to redesign a picture of a map (Australia) by removing the blue background and add a green (lime green) outline border around the map. - Remove light blue background - Add lime green outline border I have attached...
  13. R

    Replace a range of colors with just one (or two, see msg)?

    Hi. I have a grayscale image, which has a certain wanted pattern of colours + some unwanted colors. The colors I want to leave are (rgb): 000 666 121212 181818 242424 303030 363636 424242 As you can see, there's a pattern :) Unfortunately there are some really "hard to select" colors also...
  14. A

    Design/ Re-edit Height Map

    Pay: $65-85 Length: 4-6 days Project: I need a pro to take a chance with this project. I need to have one massive image with pretty seams and blending of the different terrains. I would like to have terrain without big gapping unrelated area but still keep the authenticity of being real images...
  15. V

    Middle Earth map improvement ?

    Hi, i'm trying to print a poster of this Middle Earth map : I tried to find a better version online but this is the best one i found. What can i do in Photoshop in order to improve the quality of the print ? I changed the dpi to 300 and i would like to sharpen the image if possible since...
  16. C

    3D HDRI shadow map placement using Photoshop

    Hi, i got a jpg file that is the shadow of the under of a car. Rendered with maxell. Maxwell gives me the alpha map layer and shadow map layer to do the final compose with photoshop. I just can't figure out how to omit the white from the actual darker shadow. Any help?
  17. A

    Changing texture in photoshop

    Hi Is there anyway possible to change a rendered scene texture in photoshop using UV pass? (Not using a real 3d object in Photoshop) I don't care about lighting or reflection and anything else, just deforming the map is important for me Something like Colorway do? Thanks
  18. P

    Adding a drawn image in to a photo

    Hi guys, First post so if it's a really obvious question then apologies! Using Photoshop Elements 13 currently - did a short Photoshop course last year for the basics but feel free to talk to me like an idiot! :-) Recently returned from Australia - one of the photos we took has a cloud shadow...
  19. T

    How to get vector path from image of map?

    I want to cteate an interactive map of country on my web-site. I want to draw it on fly and have an ability to zoom it. The best way for implementing this in my opinion is to get vector map of this country. I want to make it automatically, not manually I have this map of Ukraine. I want to...
  20. W

    Removing graphics and other effects from the image of a map.

    I am very new to Photoshop. I have attached an image of a map. I would like to remove all of the markers and other things in the image. Ideally I would like to be left with just the map itself. No background or anything like. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to learn...