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  1. N

    Panorama problems

    I tried to make a panorama of a beach, but because the water is moving and there werent any strong landmarks to match photoshop can't stick the middle. Is there any easy techniques to get around this?
  2. M

    Can someone please put these 3 together?

    I want it to look like that all stood together when the picture taken The middle one: Left of him: (Only Ronaldo who is the left one in the pic) Right of the middle one:
  3. N

    Wonky walls in middle of image

    I always try to correct any distortion, and keep my verticals vertical and horizontals horizontal, usually with the free transform tool. But sometimes there is a wonky wall right in the middle of the image... How do I correct this?
  4. T

    Can you please fix this for me?

    Can you remove some of the people in the photo around the girl in blue in the middle? We want her and behind her the beautiful city of Madrid.
  5. C

    Erasing people

    Hi, please pick any of the four pics and erase the people around me and the one in the middle too. Thank you in advance
  6. O

    Illustrator Resizing a vector file

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help please? I am looking to resize a vector border that I downloaded (please see attached). The one on the left of the attached file has been resized by someone (I'm not too sure how). Every time that I increase the vector (by holding shift and dragging...
  7. A

    please remove guy in the middle

    I need help removing the guy in the middle please
  8. P

    Family Picture - Probbly the last.

    Due to ill health we got what maybethe last family picture taken off all off us on Sunday. It was unplannedand not well thought out. Can the man in the middle of the second picture, the one with the hand on the womanshoulders, be added into the main picture just to the left of the woman...
  9. O

    request for photoshop: replace middle airplane in formation replaced by the 747

    Hi everybody, I have another request if possible! as (another) present to a collegue who is retiring i would like to have the 747 (right picture) fitted instead of the big airplane in the middle of the first picture. Would be great if someone has the time to do that! Thanks a lot...
  10. C

    can someone photoshop people out?

    Can someone photoshop the people out of the image so it's only the girl in the middle
  11. K

    Help on how to fix a hot spot in an image.

    Hey guys need help on how to fix the hot spot in the middle of the photo. Thanks!
  12. F

    Please remove the boy sitting in the middle.

    She's my crush and this is the only pic I have with her but the guy sitting in the middle is ruining it :( Please, remove the Guy sitting in the middle ! It will be a great favour. Thank you! [ I'm the one taking the picture ] here is pic GUYS PLEASE help me :( Thank you !
  13. B

    Need help making backgrounds

    I want to make some iPhone backgrounds for my phone. I really like how this Chiefs logo has been "printed" on the wood. I was wondering if someone could put these logos on the this wood background like the Chiefs picture. Only if you can slide the logo down towards the bottom more. I don't want...
  14. S

    YouTube Banner Please

    Hi, im just looking for a simple youtube banner. I play a lot of games and mainly Fifa and would like the text Sitruc in the middle please. For example, my main games are pokemon and fifa, so maybe have a stadium on the left with alexis sanchez, and a pokemon theme on the right with manectric...
  15. A

    Image comparison

    Hello guys! I'm currently working on my final paper about lens testing. I want to do a image comparison like this: So I basically want to over lay my two images perfectly and then somehow blend one over the other (in the middle). I guess for the most of you this is an pretty easy job...
  16. agentmoeller

    Another VIKING (with WIP)

    This go-around it's Lagertha, from VIKINGS. Before and after, with a WIP in the middle.
  17. I

    How can you stitch together several images?

    I want students to create different parts of a character (head, middle and legs/feet) and mix and match them. Is there an easy was to do this?
  18. O

    Making it look as though iPhone is being charged

    Hello all, I am wondering if someone can help please? I am looking at creating a box packaging for a wireless iPhone charging case. I have an iPhone image with the case around it, but I am struggling a bit on how to change the image in the middle of the iPhone to make it look as though the...
  19. J

    super easy photoshop request

    I was just wondering if someone can shop the propellor out of this picture, the black thing in the middle of the window. any help is greatly appreciated :-)
  20. V

    Middle Earth map improvement ?

    Hi, i'm trying to print a poster of this Middle Earth map : I tried to find a better version online but this is the best one i found. What can i do in Photoshop in order to improve the quality of the print ? I changed the dpi to 300 and i would like to sharpen the image if possible since...