1. R

    Paid Paying someone to make me a mc server logo

    Paying someone to make me a minecraft server logo, must have a moon in the background and say 'MoonPVP Factions' and make it look medieval themed. Add me on discord if you can do this Discord: RyanTheGod#8853
  2. MentosCubing

    Composite Minecraft avatar.

    A stupid and pointless (but also kind of cool) composite involving my Minecraft avatar. My younger siblings recently got me back into playing Minecraft. I completely redesigned my avatar and everything so I could have a fresh new start and begin playing together with them. I don't know why this...
  3. M

    Please do this ASAP

    Can someone clear this up so it is some what readable? I don't have very good skills in photoshop. I have to use it for a minecraft issue. Please I need this as soon as you can! This will be much appreciated! Thank You!
  4. R

    How do I stretch out part of the color spectrum on my image?

    What I'm trying to do is stretch out the green part of the color spectrum that includes most of the pixels in this image . , so that the redder colors are shifted in the red direction, the bluer colors are shifted in the blue direction, and only the the pixels the are in a narrow range...
  5. T

    Youtube Logo

    hey I just got youtube partner and was wondering if Anyone on here would be willing to make me a logo my youtube channel is called TornCubed I do minecraft (non modded and tekkit), a Pokemon Nuzlocke challenge, and recently just started Dead space so I was wondering if anyone could make a logo...
  6. X

    Minecraft Logo Request

    Hi, I suck at Photoshop and all that, so I am needing to ask the community. I need a Minecraft logo such as the one seen on the client like this: Can you make it say Infinity? As that is the name of my client I am developing. Thanks a ton!
  7. Y

    Request - Minecraft logo text

    Hello! Can someone make text SlimeCraft, using this logo: Thanks in advance!
  8. Hoogle

    Automatic minecraft logo making kit

    Ok I have finally made an Action for public use so you can create a minecraft logo with any name I have also provided a kit to download. Everything is done for you just watch the video to see how easy it is. Download the kit here.
  9. Hoogle

    Create the Minecraft logo fully in photoshop.

    OK here it is how to create a minecraft style logo entirely in Photoshop cs5 extended Everything needed to create your own version of the minecraft logo is available from here photoshop is only available for a demo trial only and not a full activated version unless you buy it. Photoshop trial...
  10. D

    REQUEST IN minecraft style logo

    Hello can you do for me logo 900x100 EXCSOFT please And MC-WALLHACK like in this theme http://www.photoshopgurus.com/forum/general-photoshop-board/31075-request-minecraft-logo-replica-3.html I will be the happiest man of the world !