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  1. chrisdesign

    3D The Clothes Pin on the Beach

    Another 3D job, created with BLENDER. Only minor Photoshop Postwork. Your comments and your critique are most welcome.
  2. chrisdesign

    3D Little Factory

    This 3D job is all done with Blender. Only minor post work inPS.
  3. Tom Mann

    OUCH ! ! ! Seriously heavy lifting needed

    Among the more minor details in this image, I know steel is strong, but open up the full rez version of my image and check out the diameter of the cable about to do the lifting. To me, that's impressive. T
  4. T

    Policy on web updates for new clients?

    To my fellow web designers: What are your policies on updates to new clients and their website? After I build a site and get the o.k from the client that its pretty much done and approved I usually give them a week to make or add any minor changes before I start changing. What does everyone...
  5. P

    Can someone help me with a picture?

    its personal, something really minor and it bothers me but i dont know anything about photoshop. if someone is willing to help me, please pm me. thanks in advance