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Tom Mann

Among the more minor details in this image, I know steel is strong, but open up the full rez version of my image and check out the diameter of the cable about to do the lifting. To me, that's impressive.



  • D7C_1856-LR_to_2400px_sRGB-2-for_web3.jpg
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Not lifting clear of the ground though Tom merely righting the truck different kettle of fish mate. I have a 10,000 pound rated front winch on my truck that's roughly 4 and a bit ton, the cable is rated at 6 ton so the motor would die before the cable theoretically.
Also the crane is directly over the fallen behemoth so lifting angle is making the weight less of a challenge, and it's on five wheels apposed to all ten i imagine.
Simulation i think Chris, we had one of our old cars die on us a few years ago and donated it to the fire service for practice/training sessions.
Paul's correct, Chris -- I took this shot at a training event for firefighters. However, I believe that that this was a fairly accurate recreation of an actual accident in which a concrete mixer rolled onto a passenger car.