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  1. A

    Actions for Pizza Photography Needed

    Hi All, Kindly anyone has a free actions for Pizza photography ?
  2. A

    Photo backdrop 3.x2m + text needed. $50

    Hi all, posted on here years ago and some people really helped me fix a whale shark picture I'd taken! I needed a relatively simple job doing - not sure if I'm posting in the right way! Since then I recently started a skydive business and need to create a 3140mm x 2285mm backdrop image +...
  3. C

    Please Remove shirtless guy behind me

    Hello! I would like this guy behind me removed from the picture or the couple behind me if needed. I really appreciate it!
  4. gedstar

    Photoshop Continuously Scalable User Interface

    Windows Beta Testers Needed More info And in case your wondering, there's a massive thread here about High DPI displays and PS
  5. E

    Hello everybody!

    Hey there, I've been using photoshop for 6 months, but I started dedicating to it just lately. The tutorials on the internet are teaching me a lot, but I needed a direct interaction with the "gurus" and I think this is the perfect place.:hi:
  6. S

    Newbie from Sweden

    Yes i am newbie with photoshop. My special interest is: sci-fi,Star wars etc. I have always used freeware software like Gimp and Blender but i needed better quality for my works,thats why i choose photoshop. And now have a nice day :mrgreen:
  7. Eggy

    3D Blender - 3D Space

    This is a WIP. Corrections are needed and all suggestions welcome... (And yes I know, some parts are too shiny...)
  8. E

    photoshop edit

    Hi I was seeing if anyone could edit some photos for me I need the following photos resized and enhanced anyway you can to make it look the best. The size needed is [12x18 inch (30x45 cm) landscape. It is being printed on a canvas. Appreciate your help. thanks!
  9. C

    Help needed to fill up the blank space by the sides

    thanks in advance!
  10. S

    Masking Tutorial?

    Hello, is there a basic masking tutorial anywhere? I used to be GREAT at it but it's now been 10 years. I was taught by a colleague at University when I was masking small images from currencies to use in a print. I remember I needed to do something with layers first (or be sorry later) & needed...
  11. G

    create layer template with color choices?

    I have a .psd file that serves as templet with 10 different colored layers. As needed, I copy one of the layers and then paste it into another .psd tab/file. For example, if I need 5 REDS, I c/p the red layer of my template, duplicate it 4 times and then arrange as needed. Is there a way to...
  12. Nilony


    Hello to you all, my name is Marcos, and I'm interested in learning some Photoshop skills. I got a new project going on to start creating football mini kits, but since I lack the knowledge to manipulate some of the essential tools (all of them, really), I went on to join a specific community. I...
  13. M

    Help Needed! Super overexposed photo

    Hi! Wanted to see if anyone could possibly help me out with this photo. I am new to photoshop and not sure if this can be fixed? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. IamSam

    New X-rite i1Display Pro Monitor calibrator.

    Now that I have my new calibrator, I want to see if it has helped. Since this image was the first to bring to my attention that my monitor needed some help, I thought I would stick with it to maintain consistency. Original This my latest change to the image after my calibration. Curves...
  15. J

    Non-Profit Logo Needed [Make a difference & Get a little cash]

    Just found this may be the right one for me to post on! For any of you with a willing/ helpful heart...this is for you. Pay: $35 Concept needed: Logo promoting a new initiative. It's called Project Shatter. It's aim is to shatter the shame and shatter the stigma of having a...
  16. Zain Khan

    Need some help

    I have a client who needed tileset for a topdown 2D game. The tiles he needed should be of withered road as the game is set in an apocalytic world. He needed me to match his style. All wanted to know is do you thing the road that I have made matches the art style that he needs? Then and only...
  17. Z

    Getting used to a New (old) lens

    (images not locally referenced) So Bought a lens from ebay, which i thought was a pretty good bargain... not sure what you guys think It's an SMC pentax 80-200mm f4.5 M lens, roughly 35 years old. got it for £20 expecting a very poor condition lens, but the only gripe to report was the case it...
  18. Tom Mann

    OUCH ! ! ! Seriously heavy lifting needed

    Among the more minor details in this image, I know steel is strong, but open up the full rez version of my image and check out the diameter of the cable about to do the lifting. To me, that's impressive. T
  19. Samibotss

    Hello From Europe

    Hello PSG members, I used to be in a emulation forum for world of warcraft.after being told that,in order to re-fine andl earn more about gfx I most certainly needed to be in a bigger forum,I joined PSG. I hope you enjoy talking to me :) cheers
  20. N


    Hi Everyone I mainly use Illustrator but there are times when photoshop is needed and i would like to learn more so interested to see what this forum will bring.