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  1. Kratos Aurion

    A good Photoshop user needed!

    Can someone edit this for me Please change the text in both bubbles. Right side bubble should say: They call me Left side bubble should say : Dark King Rayleigh Effects: Similiar to this but light blue instead of the red. Size...
  2. S

    Photoshopper needed very simple !

    Hello all, I just have a very simple request I'm pretty sure it can be easily done, I just wanted to know if anybody is willing to blur out the background of my picture so you can't tell what's in the background, just make the entire background blurry and keep me in it the same. Thanks I...
  3. J

    IMMEDIATE Edit Photo job needed!!! will pay $20

    I am throwing a little get together with my friends to ask each one to be part of my grooms men party. This friend in particular is a serious fellow and I would like to lighten him up with a joke :naughty: What I need is for someone to edit any of the photos below and have him in makeup and...
  4. J

    Logo and Banner Needed

    My name is Eric I own a Diesel Performance and parts company. I am in the process of re-doing my website and would like some logo's and a banner to go with the new template I just purchased. I am looking for a logo and banner design. I would like the banner to take the place of the templates...
  5. M

    Color Advice Needed....

    I am trying to decide what color to use for a Top Header Bar that will overlay a Black Baground. I was thinking Gray. Does anyone have any better Color Ideas? Thank you...
  6. S

    Question regarding fonts, help needed as soon as possible, greatly appreciated!

    I'm really sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I usually don't use forums but I made an account specifically to ask this question, because I have a large project due in 2 weeks, and there's this one little thing that really bugs me. I want the...
  7. J

    Freelance work needed: Multiple areas

    Hello all, I'm a student at a large university who is head of a web design entrepreneurship club. All our projects are for profit and while we are young, we hope to see a lot of great work generated by the group. We're working on a project on the side, and right now we need help with our...
  8. A

    help needed with photoshop for mr site

    hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to create a website on mr site and my header needs to be 850x 150 pixels. I am trying to put a picture and writing in it but i dont have any idea how to do it and all my attempts are distorted. If anyone can help that would be great. thanks.
  9. Hoogle

    authentification for idadsgraphics needed

    ok every now and again when I click on some threads I am getting this come up why is this all of a sudden
  10. M

    Help with photoshop/ mr site desperately needed!

    hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to create a website on mr site and my header needs to be 850x 150 pixels. I am trying to put a picture and writing in it but i dont have any idea how to do it and all my attempts are distorted. If anyone can help that would be great...
  11. Z

    Tarja Turunen drawing (critique needed)

    Hello there again people :D recently i got down and did a mouse and screen drawing of Tarja Turunen from nightwish. image below. she needs hair (i don't know a good way of facing that bit, all the hair i draw is messy) brushes were used for her skin and the background, everything else was...
  12. V

    Help needed on a slightly complicated procedure...

    So once I have an image (780 x 640) I need to re-size it to a 780 x 780 square. I can script that pretty easily. Here is where it will get complicated, so I'll explain what I need before saying how I'm going to get it to work. With the image, the user should be able to draw a line of a...
  13. P

    Pro needed - ongoing work

    Hi, We are a furniture manufacturer in UK. We need someone who can start quickly on some images for a new product launch (Also Logo needed) Commercially sensitive so i can`t post images on here, sorry. Will be upto 40-50 images to start with (most adaptable to batch process) then further...
  14. SeniorS

    Engrave text in metal help needed

    1. I try to engrave text in metal but that Emboss only brings text up (out) of background. Didn't find normal tutorial which would look like i want. Mostly they don't look engrave. Advice? 2. Got a "missunderstanding" with text on path. Coundn't get in right direction. I got circle around...
  15. B

    Simple image editing needed

    I am looking for one of you experts to crop the background out of the attached image so that only the person's image remains. I don't know what a fair price is for this work but I'm more than happy to pay via PayPal.
  16. S

    Making the arms skinner! Help and tips needed! Could anybody help make the arm skinnier and hide the blemishes on it? Every time I try, the arm looks wonky and artificial... Any tips? I know it's very basic stuff but I've only just started to play with PS!
  17. Windows7

    Copied layer style doesn't give the needed result..

    Hi folks, I have a problem and that is.. that i don't get the needed result when i copy a layer style to a shape on a different layer... . Here's an printscreen:i want the throne to be exact like the "PENUM EVENTS" letters but it don't get the same.. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: What can...
  18. L

    Help needed re-producing a gradient fill

    Hi All, I am trying to reproduce the image below. From what I can make out it is simply a filled rectangle with a texture and then two radial gradients (probably on seperate layers) applied to it. Seems simple but I have spent hours trying to reproduce. Any help greatly appreciated, but...
  19. J

    Indexed Images Help Needed

    I asked this question in another thread I found via a Google search but it wasn't until after I posted I realized in was an introduction thread start in '03. I recently began theming Android system/framework files and apps and I have a problem that I consistently run into. A lot of the images...
  20. Annielle

    Help needed to do this

    Dear friends, If any of you could send me a step-by-step tutorial of getting an image like this, i would be very grateful!!!