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  1. Zain Khan

    Photo to cartoon

    I did this for fun, although I know a lot of work is needed to get this one perfect. What do you think?
  2. MikeMc

    Pointers needed

    This one is just fighting me...Everything tried...still not happy. This is a lousy scan, but all that I have. The colors are poor due to awful camera (suspect is a 126 instamatic) , a dirty scanner glass and damage to the photo by poor storage. Any help on how to restore the background is needed.
  3. J

    After Effects Are there any tutorials for couple of effects listed?

    Guys I needed some tutorial to create some effects. 1. I needed to make rose petals falling effects video, is there any specific tutorial for that? But I wanted to add different pictures/video on both the sides of a petal. Also not all petals have same pictures/video. "Pictures and Petals are...
  4. R

    Hello all

    Hello, I came here to learn more about PS since I've been challenged by a friend to restore color to a fading painting, and it is over my head... I hope with your help I can master the skills needed for this, and then hopefully I could also help others. Thanks, raananh
  5. C

    3D Renders look grainy

    This is my first foray into using the photoshop CS6 3D tools. I am doing a lot of composition and in some images I have an item that is being used repeatedly. To make things easier, I have a textured 3D model of that object. If I select a section of the model and hit render, it renders for...
  6. crzykate58

    Do. Love. Walk. Tshirt Design

    Hey guys! Wow it's been a while since i've been on here haha! well i've been practicing some typography on tshirts and found this design on google that i thought was pretty sweet, so i tried to replicate it, give or take a few things away since i needed mine to be more legible than the one i...
  7. E


    Hi I don't consider myself a digital artist by any means. am an illustrator! I have been commissioned to design a jewell CD cover. What are the standard dimensions for the designs themselves so they don't get cut in printing etc. Can someone give me a good template for this and some much...
  8. M

    Looking For A Partner To Work On A Project.

    Looking For A Partner To Work With On A Project. Hello All. Im a Web Designer and im looking to make a new website which will be better than one im already on. If your experienced in web developing then its easy because its not that hard but it is kind of for myself. :arrowd: What Can I Do?-...
  9. K

    Good photoshop designer needed

    Hello, I'm an iPhone app developer and I'm looking for a good (PRO) Image/Icon designer, so we can join our "forces" and create great iPhone apps. I have already published few apps into the App Store and I'm open for ideas. Please contact me know if you are interested. Cheers
  10. Bubblechick

    Relay for life t shirt design needed (fundraiser)

    This is my first post on here I tried to PS a design for our relay shirts but its not turning out the way I would like it to. What I need is a high res transparent 11x13 for screen printing I would like to use this skull With the words above "It's not PINK & It's not PRETTY" And under...
  11. T

    Christmas favor needed. PLEASE

    I have this christmas card that i really need to be photoshopped into ASAP. Its really important to my gf and i cant figure out how to do it on my own and make it look good. I know it wont take long for a pro so, if you can, please take the few minutes out to help me. PM me and I can send you...
  12. O

    Help needed on research project. Can Photoshop do this? We think not.

    Dear Photoshop Guru forum users, My name is Martin Constable and I am research professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. I have a problem that, hopefully, will present something of a challenge. We are working on the topic of hue contrast, which is something that we feel...
  13. T

    Help needed!

    I'm doing a graphics product and I need a picture of a specific car with the numberplate on it, however the picture that I want has the numberplate scrubbed out. I can provide the two images but any time i try to merge them it just looks.. well wrong?, and unrealistic :( I was wondering if...
  14. P

    Who wants a challenge?? Variable cropping action needed!!

    Who wants a challenge?? Variable cropping action needed!! I am a photographer ad have recently started working with youth and junior sports sections. Part of the job is to shoot a series of action shots (approx 10) starting with them running in a zig zag towards the camera. Each of these...
  15. W

    HELP NEEDED! Photos on Clothing Templates

    Hey everyone! :wink: I was just wondering if any of you knew how to get a photo on a sweater template like the photo shown in this post: Basically just so the photo enters the sweater and all the rest is cut out? How do i do this? Thanks! (PS. any sweater template links would be...
  16. P

    Advice needed

    here is a before and after but feels like i'm missing something? I will crop the picture later. So on a scale of 1-10 and where do you think I can improve? Keep in mind New to photoshop about a month. Before After
  17. T

    Advertisement Promo Needed

    I am looking for someone good in Photoshop to put together an advertisement for a promo my small business is having. Should be pretty quick and easy, I have all of the information that needs to be on it and a similar ad you can look at as a guide. Please private message me if you are interested...
  18. P

    Logo needed!

    Can you help me design a new company logo? PM me please!
  19. P

    New guy here with some advice needed...

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and jump right in with some pictures to post and get advice. I am self teaching my self Photoshop using books and what ever videos I can find on line. My goal is to become a photo re-toucher for photographers and models. II know I have a long way to go but...
  20. Hoogle

    Ever felt like you needed some Good Luck

    Was not feeling very well but earlier on today I found a penny and picked it up and all day long I felt even more ill than usual. So I thought I would use it to try and inspire me to do something as I have not created anything in photoshop for myself for a while I came up with this only using 1...