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  1. A

    Simple Logo

    Hello im asking for simple logo with background and 1 without(transparent) text: $TH.M check my photos how it should look and under or somewhere in the logo with background should type THENJET E MILIONERIT Check these maybe it helps for any idea for font or ... Ps: i will...
  2. J

    YouTube stuff

    Just made this for my YouTube account.
  3. Pipsmom

    Apple Update

    Apple computers are being attacked by the virus now also and already hit many. Check for your New update and get protected
  4. A

    What procedure or techniques used ?

    Hello , I am new here, I tried in ps yet i can't find the clear techniques or methods used in the below attached pictures. Please check and provide me any suggestions.
  5. G

    Can someone change the hair colour?

    Hello, Guys. Lately i was thinking about dying my hair. Would/Can anyone change the colour of it to blue to check if it suits me? Would really appreciate it! Neri
  6. C

    HELP: How do they accomplish this with the photos?

    Hello all! I am new to Photoshop Gurus, although I have check out stuff on your site before for various projects...always good stuff!! Just wanted to reach out and check in and see how they might accomplish this with the photos they used: Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  7. M

    Live music photo, please help

    Hi, I was playing a gig earlier today and had a friend take photos for my social media profiles, we managed to get an amazing shot where me and the singer looked great, except the lighting sucks but worst part is I had a phone on my knee because I had to check something before we started. Since...
  8. J

    Cube Panorama? please help

    Hello guys, thanks in advance for replying... I've been wanting to know what is this effect and how can it be done in photoshop or some other software. Ignore the animation. Check below;
  9. I

    Help with getting the skills, please

    Hi guys. I'm just joined the forum and started to learn Photoshop about two weeks ago. But thing is, mainly what I've been doing is just watching the tutorials and almost no practice. Well, I've tried to follow the teacher but still, what I was doing is just repeating everything. Of course I've...
  10. Tom Mann

    OUCH ! ! ! Seriously heavy lifting needed

    Among the more minor details in this image, I know steel is strong, but open up the full rez version of my image and check out the diameter of the cable about to do the lifting. To me, that's impressive. T
  11. N

    PLEASE help...Photoshop CS5 Freezing on file open..

    When i go to open a file in Photoshop CS5, the program freezes and goes to not responding. When I run it as administrator it works fine. The problem is there are certain add-ons that were added to Photoshop that will not appear when running as administrator What is weirder is that Photoshop was...
  12. gautamz07

    My simple login page

    Hey guys ! wass up , had nothing much to do , so made a simple login page . check it out :D :D
  13. Hoogle

    1 For the Mac guys & Gals ps alternative

    Free download while in Beta looks impressive and maybe a real competitor against Photoshop, especially as when it is launched it will only be a 1 off payment of $39 and free upgrades from there. Serif Affinity Photo check it out here
  14. Zain Khan

    Happy New Year 2K15:)

    Happy New year to all our Photoshop Gurus :) I am very excited to join this site and found this site one of the most interesting forums site available on the web :) I feel I should be a part of it and share and gain knowledge with the lovely people of this website Thank you :)
  15. chitkaran

    My Latest Project for Web Site redesigning - check it out

    Hey ya guys, I have been out of PSG for quite some time now. Was just a bit occupied in family matters and office work.. Here's something that I finished recently. A web-site redesigning for 1. Complete makeover for the website. 2. Search Engine friendly content. 3. Logo...
  16. SHARK X

    check this out!!

    thats my little bro now and in the future!!
  17. A

    Free 3D Photoshop Objects - Check it out! :)

    Hey guys, I've been experiementing with 3D Objects recently, so thought I'd make a freebie + video to give away. I've been creating lots of 'Spores' type objects to include in my design arsenal, so here are a few you can have for free :) DL Link -
  18. HillyBill

    Hello coming to check out the place

    Hello everyone.. my name is Eric but i go by hillybill.. I am from Joplin Missouri. Been working with photoshop for a very long time. I cut opals for a living and needed to learn for that. opals can be very hard to get a true picture of.
  19. M

    How to check that the brightest whites are 240, and blacks 30??

    I am doing a product shot, and the company's spec sheet advises that the brightest (or maybe lightest??) whites be 240, and the blacks around 30. I think this has something to do with levels, and not having blown-out whites or clipped blacks, but how do I check that those are the levels in my...
  20. Windows7

    Is there a way to check which font is used????

    Hi folks, Regularly i have the problem that i want to know which font is used in a logo because i like it but i can't find the exact font? Isn't there a option in PS to check the font like for example the 'eyedropper' does with the colors?