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Is there a way to check which font is used????


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Hi folks,

Regularly i have the problem that i want to know which font is used in a logo because i like it but i can't find the exact font?

Isn't there a option in PS to check the font like for example the 'eyedropper' does with the colors?
Thank you very much IDad but i have a problem.. :i want to add the font to that site but the problem is that i have a warped text and it's difficult to make it horizontal and the second problem is that the font is too small and on that site they ask to have at least 100pixels high.. but i haven't that?

But here is my logo to check out which font it is:

Btw man.. :do you really think that this logo is created with Photoshop?

Because i tried everything to make a copy but.. mine looks so different en messy and not that accurate.. the cirkels on the logo are so perfect.. i mean if you find a mistake then i'll be in shock.. :


I think it's created with Illustrator or something?

Here is the best result of me of this logo.. the symbol in the middle i couldn't find and cut it out neither because it's a GIF image and i got an error that i must convert it first to RGB before i can cut it out.. but i don't know how that must be so here it is.. and look what a mess.. :


I used the exact size and i even hadn't space no more for "association".. :s:s:s

I really don't get it how THEY make that warp perfect and me not!!!!???
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Of course you can do it in PS

Whit some time and patience you can achieve a lot of things.

here's my quick attempt at your logo


remember practice makes perfection.

Have fun.
W7 gets another freebie....... nice job $1_
Of course you can do it in PS

Whit some time and patience you can achieve a lot of things.

here's my quick attempt at your logo

View attachment 2794

remember practice makes perfection.

Have fun.


IT REALLY LOOKS PERFECT MAN!!!!But how or where did you find/make the symbol in the middle?

And what did you do with the pen tool as you said?
Oh the drama! Lmao

You know me man in a meanwhile.. always 'a drama' follows after a great job for me! Hahaahah

Btw:i downloaded Adobe Illustrator CS5 because PS doesn't do everything i want with logos such as 3d and stuff..
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