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  1. notthatbro

    Specific Open his eyes

    Hi, can someone please open my friends eyes in this picture? I added 2 reference photos so you can get an idea of his eyecolor. Please help and thank you
  2. gedstar

    Isn't Google stupid

    Google worth billions of dollars and some of the most creative minds in IT yet they can't recognise that my homepage is already set to Google Keep getting this when I open FF :bustagut:
  3. starbird

    How to open a pdf in Photoshop 6

    How do I open a pdf in PS6? I have watched some You Tube videos about import and dragging it onto PS and an export. NOTHING works. I need to open it to remove the ads before I post the pdf on my web site. I am utterly lost with this. since I have several articles to post. I have the author's...
  4. R

    Turn My Wife Into A Vampire

    Hoping someone can help me turn my wife into a vampire. I attached a reference photo to kind of mimic or if you want to go totally on your own and come up with something, I am totally open. But definitely want to remove the braces, add fangs, and clean up the picture a little to make it a...
  5. U

    3d unwrapping

    Hello everyone, I've being trying to unwrap a 3d model i've imported into photoshop but so far i could only figure out how to open a 3d layer. I've looked for tutorials but none of them was about what I was looking for. I would really appriciate any advice or recomended tutorials . Thank you...
  6. G

    Hello there

    Hi, I am an ex-programmer turned software tester. I have used Photoshop CC at work. My personal computer has GIMP :P (Only because I can not afford Photoshop) I do not know much in Photoshop, use it mainly for software / web design works. (I do not design, I just use Photoshop to open and...
  7. chrisdesign

    3D Copper Processing Facility

    Blender work of an industrial plant. I'm open for your comments, questions or critique.
  8. gedstar

    Challenge #48- Cloud Warriors New Voting Poll

    Hi All Looks like we have a draw between @Argos and @sanjaymj So I have created a new voting poll between the two winners, this poll will remain open for 2 days Argos sanjaymj So lets get voting :thumbsup:
  9. M

    Trying to speed things up..

    but after a few late nights editing, I think I'm in brain drain mode. This should be simple but seems complicated? The Slow Way Open 2 x NEF image files in Camera Raw from Bridge, then after RAW processing click "DONE" rather than "OPEN IMAGE" in Photoshop, then tell Bridge to open as layers...
  10. J

    Desktop problem

    My desktop icons will not open because the usual dropdown menu for opening them suddenly omits the word OPEN. This happened after I entered a date on the desktop with the Photoshop CS6 type tool. Could this have caused the problem? I have tried to delete the date but did not succeed. I have a...
  11. F

    Photoshop doesnt open my document, Urgent Help Needed

    Hello Forum members For the past few days I have been working on two documents simultanesly. Each document had 7 folders and each folder had text and image in different layers. I had worked on these documents yesterday. Today I get an error saying photoshop cannot open the document because it...
  12. L

    Help with bakery logo

    Hey all! I'm looking to redesign my business logo and would love some help. This is my current logo. I still love the colors and my fonts, but I want something with more of a recognizable image that can be turned into stickers/banner/tshirts. I'm SO open to lots of directions, but I do love...
  13. N

    Urgent help needed in opening files

    I am making banners on Photoshop as part of an assignment. I spent countless hours on many of them. About two hours back I tried opening some of my banners only to see the "It is not a valid Photoshop document." I know this issue has been discussed numerous times, but none of the solutions work...
  14. 1

    Can't open images in CS5

    I recently had a lot of problems with my Windows 7 computer and after it was fixed I had to reinstall a lot of my programs including CS5. Photoshop was working perfectly before I had the problems but now if I'm working on an image and click on File, Save as, (jpeg is chosen) Libraries, Picture...
  15. E

    HELP!!! PSCS5 doesn't open now that I have a new MAC that runs Sierra

    I was so excited to purchase a new desktop for my family, but the excitement sooned waned when I discovered that I couldn't open Photoshop. I was following another forum and it instructed me to uninstall Photoshop cs5, then reinstall it. So I did that and when I tried to reinstall the app, the...
  16. N

    Can't update Camera RAW

    I know this is super common question and problem but all the solutions I see offered either do not apply or don't fix my issue. I used to be a regular photographer and Photoshop user but I stepped away from it for a couple of years. I sold my camera equipment and have not opened my PS for a long...
  17. L

    How to export 24bit 96dpi png image?

    When I open new photoshop document I create a file with 96dpi, then I export it by using 'save for web' PNG-24 tool, however when I open the file in Preview and go to image inspector it shows that the image is 8bit and 72dpi... could anyone suggest me how can I export 24bit 96dpi PNG image?
  18. B

    Activation/Upgrade Help

    I use Photoshop CS6. The other day I had to get a new computer, I cloned the old drive to a new one in the new computer. PS opened fine but when I went to use Bridge and open images in Camera Raw there was a message that said I had to open photoshop before Camera Raw would work. I opened images...
  19. E

    How do I rename and save?

    Hello Just discovered this site, hoping to get some help. I tend to photoshop several images at one time and I'm looking for ways to save time. I take photos on a Nikon set to Raw. I open the images, make changes in Raw then open them up to photoshop (CS5) At that point I will have several...
  20. J

    Photoshop won't open

    All of a sudden Photoshop will not open. I usually print my photos after opening the thumbnails in PICTURES with Photoshop CS6. This is no longer possible. Why? Thanks in advance for helping an elderly Photoshop newbie. Joe