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  1. S

    Can I open these copies?

    Hi, I am given a psd file. When opened, I realised there are many "copies" on the right bottom. See attached pic. M copy 2, 3, 4 and so on. Can I "open" these copies to see the graphics?
  2. C

    bridge cc slow to start

    Has anyone noticed since the last update that bridge is slow to start. It used to open a lot faster than it is now. Just curious.
  3. N

    iimage gets noisy after editing in RAW and opening it in photoshop

    I shoot in RAW and then i use Photoshop CC to open the RAW file. I do some editing. Then i click on "Open image". The image which is represented is very noisy. If i zoom in about 4 times on the picture, it becomes clear and without noise. If i zoom out then it becomes noisy. This only happens...
  4. dv8_fx

    Renderosity 2014 Holiday Contest

    CHRISTMAS - the world's most anticipated, most loved (and most costliest) event is just around the corner. Renderosity, one of the biggest names in the internet graphic community, is open for submissions to its 2014 Holiday Contest ! This year's theme : STOCKING STUFFERS Categories...
  5. R

    cant open a .psd file in PS CS5

    when i try to open a .psd file that was last opened a little under a year ago i get the error message :could not complete your request because the file is already in use or was left open by another application. ive restarted, shutdown, force quit all applications, tried to save as, export...
  6. B

    Where oh Where do my placed images go?

    I am building a composite image, create a new image clean white background and drag from bridge the images I want to use in the composite. Here's my issue...the images I have brought in are automatically turned into smart objects..( love those) so I open one of those placed S/O images and...
  7. J

    I upgraded to Mac OS Yosemite as recommended. Now Photoshop won't open.

    I upgraded to Mac OS Yosemite as recommended. Now Photoshop won't open. Message reads, "An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred. Photoshop will now exit." I thank you in advance for any suggestions. If necessary I can go to a backup disc and recover files from last week. John
  8. ZipedX

    Can't open scanned tif. CS5.

    Hi guys n gals. I have the following poping up and can't seem to get it to work: "could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." I've followed the instructions under this thread to no avail. Photoshop CS5 Solutions to common problems Any ideas? The files open...
  9. hershy314


    Finally found a way to get home....well almost, still need money. A motel near by has reasonable monthly rates. $680 a month that includes utlities plus internet, cable tv....I think it works. Plus being back in a major city it would open more doors in a career in graphic design. More so than if...
  10. A

    How to open RAW photo images in Photoshop 8 (CS)?

    I have Photoshop 8 (or Photoshop CS). How can I get it to open RAW images shot with a Canon digital camera? Is there some sort of plugin? Which one works with Photoshop 8? And how do I use it? Thank you
  11. G

    keep menus open

    hey all, i've got an quick question. would it be possible to make a drop down menus remain open after clicking one of the items, perhaps with shift+click or middle-click? (like i were to hit 'edit > transform > flip horizontal' and didn't want to menu to close, since i was going to click...
  12. G

    Open raw vs Open jpeg as raw

    What is the difference between opening a raw file in PS CS5 vs. opening a jpg AS RAW? Does any of this work in LR 3? Thanks, Glenn
  13. R

    How do I open all of the layers of a PSD file in Image Ready?

    I have CS2. I have created a series of layers that I would like to animate. At this point all of these layers are in the form of a psd file within CS2. How can I open this psd file in ImageReady and have access to all of the layers. When I try it now, I end up only seeing one layer in...
  14. M

    Help! - Cant open photo in PS CS2..

    I was editing JPEG files and all of a sudden I couldnt see any photo I opened in PS... I restarted my PC and my CS2 and tried to open a photo in PS again and it only shows in the little tiny box in top right hand corner but nothing in/on the PS box??? Totally confused..what did I do??
  15. N

    Saving as an EPS, then not able to open it.

    I am a landscape company owner who is trying to take an EPS file to a print shop for a vinyl decal on my truck. I have had a designer create an EPS that open just fine. I have CS5 extended, and once I edited the original design (made it 600 pixels/inch and added my website address) I saved it as...
  16. J

    Can't open photoshop!!!

    While recently using my photoshop CS program, my computer crashed. When trying to open photoshop back up, the program locks up and the registration box in middle and tool box (upper left) turn all white. The hour glass symbol pops up and the Adobe Photoshop in the top left corner says (not...
  17. J

    Keep two windows open

    If I have a photo open on the desktop and then open a second one, the first closes. How can I open more than one at a time? Thanks.
  18. T

    Photoshop File Opens as Black Background Layer

    So I was working on a college assignment when my laptop crashed. Luckily I'd saved my work right before this happened. In the file preview when I'm opening the file, it shows what I was working on, but when I open that photoshop file it just presents me with a solid black background layer...
  19. L

    Notepad Book (Vector)

    Made in Illustrator.