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  1. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Sewing Machine Vehicle

    A Photoshop composite done with my own images of old sewing machines, and a few parts found with google. I'm open for your critique and suggestions.
  2. mikecox

    Perspective warp I get 4 points not 4

    In the online tutorial, there are 4 points to manipulate but when I open the Perspective editor I only get 4. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. R

    New to PS CC 2015.5

    Good Day... I've been pervious user of PS CS6 and now moving on to PS CC 2015.5 because of a purchase of a new Sony a7RII. However, I ran into problems after I downloaded the free trial version. I received the following error message when I went to open the trial version: OxcOOOOO7b. I did...
  4. N

    New Photoshop CC opening files in weird way

    Hi, normally when I used CS6, all of my files whether it was a FILE > NEW or a copy and paste into a new file, opened a normal, new size with my rulers on top. This new CC version is driving me CRAZY. RANDOMLY it opens ok, and then HALF THE TIME my files open like this: ATTACHED. Just a...
  5. N

    How to select an area bounded by a scattered edge

    I sketched a delicate line drawing that I scanned into photoshop. The edges of the flowers are comprised of thin walls of scattered black pixels that don't create a solid boundary. When I try to select just the interior of a petal using the magic wand tool to do a fill, the selection of course...
  6. B

    No startup canvas on CS2 for mac

    When I open photoshop CS2 on my macbook there is no gray canvas as I see in others pictures. How do I get photoshop to default to a blank gray canvas when I open it on my mac? I have looked everywhere and tried everything and nothing seems to work. thank you in advance!
  7. MrToM

    Handy FireFox Add-On...possibly.

    Saw this a while back... Open With Photoshop ...and thought it may be handy for quickly downloading images from here to work on when answering questions. Unfortunately it never worked, but today I came across it again and the...
  8. N

    Color Profile issue with Photoshop CS6

    Hi, I am a NIKON user and mostly shoots in RAW. In my recently bought CS6, I am facing issue whenever I open the pictures I am clicking with NIKON 50mm prime 1.8G, do some basic RAW editing, flatten the image and then saving the JPEG in a folder. When I open the saved image in WINDOWS photo...
  9. S

    Why is Adobe Photoshop CS6 slow?

    I have completed to setup photoshop cs6 in my pc. But i am not capable to working with this.When i try to open this software it will take few minutes for open. Also others program will not working at this time. How can i resolve this problem.
  10. I

    Problems with file name

    I had a student who turned in a ps document that didn't have the file extension (is that what it's called?) and therefore couldn't open. I retyped the name and accidently put a Fireworks extension on it. Now it won't open and I am not sure how to change that to a PSD. Is it too late for that file?
  11. A

    My eyes are closedCould someone please open them?

    I'm not sure how involved or what you would need to do this but I'd appreciate any help! Would you need a pic of me with my eyes open in order to cut and paste? J
  12. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #5 CC 2014/15 Preferences Pickle...

    The problem: UN-checking "Resize Image During Place" in CC2014 and CC2015 is not retained in preferences. To Replicate: 1. UN-check the option in Preferences > General 2. Close PS. 3. Open PS. 4. Open Preferences > General The option is checked again. Seems to be the only pref which isn't...
  13. dv8_fx

    BASIC CHALLENGE #1 - Create a Mini Planet

    WELCOME TO OUR VERY FIRST PHOTOSHOP BASIC CHALLENGE!!! To start the ball rolling.... The solar system was never the same ever since scientists kicked out it's smallest member - Pluto. But don't fret as all is not lost because this challenge requires you to..... CREATE A MINI PLANET IN...
  14. V

    Red Tinted file?

    Hey everyone, im new here, so hey! anyways,, onto the problem. i was working on a project when some weird behaviour started happening, namely it would try to transform an invisible layer and had trouble selecting other layers. I finally got tired of this and went to close and reopen when it came...
  15. R

    How to Turn Off Camera Raw

    I opened a JPEG file in Camera Raw by browsing in Bridge and selecting "Open in Camera Raw". After making my adjustments, I saved it as a PSD file. The problem is that now, whenever I try to open the original JPEG, it takes me back into Camera Raw, which I no longer want. How do I turn off the...
  16. C

    Picasa not showing "open with photoshop"

    New guy here. Just bought a new HP Envy 750-111 with Windows 10. I normally use Picasa to search for jpgs and psd to open in photoshop. I no longer have Photoshop in the Open With menu when I right click onto a file. Jpgs open in Picasa Photo Editor but psd files go directly to Photoshop. I am...
  17. D

    Make adjustments to all frames of GIF

    Greetings, Can someone please tell me how to select all frames of a GIF so that I might change the brightness or contrast of whatever? Even better if I could "open as" all 150 frames as Camera Raw - LOL - surely I jest. TIA DrCarl
  18. L

    Help - I can't open any of my old images with Adobe's new CC

    Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:57 pm Post subject: How to open jpg and png images in CC I have used CS5 for years. I just recently set up a new computer and am now using Adobe's CC. When I tried to open old images from my other computer I could only open Photoshop images, not my jpg or png...
  19. A

    ASUS N56V & CC 2014 Photoshop - video issues

    I've recently returned from a trip overseas where I used my Gopro Hero 4 to film and photograph stuff. When I open photoshop it only takes up to 5 seconds tops and when I drag pictures into it it's instantaneous. However whenever I drag in a video or do anything video related it takes about a...
  20. E

    Can we hide scrollbars without changing the view?

    Hey everyone. I have been using PS with my Cintiq to draw, and my forearm sometimes hits the scrollbar. I want to hide them if possible, but keep all of my tool Windows open. I couldn't find an option for this, so just looking for some help. Thanks.