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Help with bakery logo

Liz Welch

New Member
Hey all! I'm looking to redesign my business logo and would love some help. This is my current logo.


I still love the colors and my fonts, but I want something with more of a recognizable image that can be turned into stickers/banner/tshirts.

I'm SO open to lots of directions, but I do love a mix of adorable and badass. We've been thinking of ways to incorporate a whisk and spatula as crossbones underneath or behind an image.

I also like the feel and layout of this.

In my mind I see the logo with this cookie below, in the cartoony graphic of the image above.


I'm not sure how the gold stripes would translate, so that's definitely flexible. Also, if the cookie being cut off in the photo is a problem, I can make a new one so I can get a better photo!

Maybe a bite out of the cookie instead of the bow, so the bow and the roses aren't fighting for attention. I like the curve of the text in that one, but I'm not sure how it would look with my fonts. I'm really open, I just want something funky and cutesy haha.

Fonts - Ostrich Sans and Great Vibes (love these two together, and the block/script combo in general)

Font Colors - 7FF3E0 and F997E4

If anyone feels like playing with this, I'd appreciate it so much. The summer farmer's market season is starting and I'd love something badass for new stickers.