1. H

    Restore corrupt font

    Hello, I am new here so I am not sure if I posted in the adequate category. Let me me know if there is a better one. Well here is the problem: I have bought a book that has some pages that are printed very badly. I want to ocr it with Acrobat which does it quite well despite de corrupt fonts...
  2. R

    Font Book fonts

    How do I get Font Book fonts into PS CC since they did not go in automatically As many know photoshop does not allow our chosen font to remain in place when going from one image to another. Has anyone found a fix for this hijacking? Myriad was removed from my computer but Adobe now has...
  3. R

    Load font book fonts into PS CC, REMOVE AND KILL MYRIAD PRO

    I have downloaded a trial of PS CC. I see only 25 fonts. How do I get my font book (MAC) fonts into this program? When I choose a font for a huge project I am working on no matter what I do, the font reverts to myriad pro which I will never use and should be hijacking my chosen font. How do I...
  4. T

    Editing this picture

    i'm new here so if there's something wrong sorry :) need someone to copy all text + same fonts and everything to this picture ( please change the Sponser to Sponsor ) from this picture to the bottom one IMAGES REMOVED. thanks :cool2:
  5. E

    Using Fonts

    I am pretty certain most of my trends start with "I have a question!" :lol: It is then closely followed by "I was thinking about ____ the other day and wondered..." Haha okay, in all seriousness, I came across a font tutorial today on YouTube and this guy purchased a $40 font and commented...
  6. S

    Request - Can someone change the text to say "Grillin' Goddess"? Thanks!

    Can someone please change the text to say "Grillin' Goddess" instead of "We be grillin'"? If possible, have "Grillin'" be in the same font as "We be" currently is, and "Goddess" be in the same font as "Grillin'" currently is. Thanks!
  7. D

    Facebook resolution??

    So, this isn't really a photoshop question, but I didn't see a section that was relevant to my questions. If this needs to be moved, I'm sorry. First, I'm having issues with the resolution qualities when it comes to Facebook. I'm wondering if it's something I'm doing wrong. I look online for...
  8. E

    Using Online Resources (Fonts, vectors, ect)

    Hello PS Gurus! I really hope this is an okay section to post this! I was clearing up some of my working files today and a thought crossed my mind while clearing up vectors and fonts... How do you guys oragnise your downloaded fonts/vectors/actions ect? Do you keep it's original folder (with...
  9. I

    After Effects Default Tamil Typing Option in After Effects

    Hello Friends, I want to use tamil font in After Effects. But I don't want to install any tamil fonts. Can you please any one tell me how to do it ?
  10. L

    Help with bakery logo

    Hey all! I'm looking to redesign my business logo and would love some help. This is my current logo. I still love the colors and my fonts, but I want something with more of a recognizable image that can be turned into stickers/banner/tshirts. I'm SO open to lots of directions, but I do love...
  11. H

    How to achieve this styling in the font?

    Hi Gurus, I am new to photoshop. Please guide me on how to achieve the styling shown in the image in photoshop. I found that the font is of brush script type. I am not able to find the exact font to get a underline like in the image. Please help me how to get the similar styling. Thanks in...
  12. P

    new here

    Hi, I am a long time user of ps. I had some great metallic styles that were lost when my hard drive crashed and I'm looking for replacement ones that are great with thin fonts. That brought me here.
  13. C

    Photoshopping an album cover

    I would like to change the text on the cover of Bastille's Good Grief but have not found a font that's even similar. I've try to use font identifiers online but two fonts intersect each other and I cant figure out how to separate them. Here's a link to the picture. Thanks!
  14. Pearlie

    3D Neon from Nuthin' - 3D Neon Sign

    Working with illuminated surfaces and reflections. Began with fonts and the pentagon shape. comments welcome
  15. M

    hi i have a question

    can anyone help me with this? i was doing a cd cover and ran into a small do you bend or wrap fonts to lay flat on a object??heres an example...see how the M isnt bent like the rest of the letters.what can i do to correct this???
  16. gautamz07

    Typography question for para fonts

    Hey guys which of the below 3 do you think is more readable ? 1. 2. 3. ?? Do elaborate on your answers :D
  17. T

    Is there a simple way to make fonts look hand drawn?

    What I mean is, the edges of fonts to look like they've been hand-drawn, a bit rough and not perfect.
  18. Paul

    How do i recreate this look?

    Doing a retro styled comic book cover with all my own new characters, just need some tips/help on how to get that look:cheesygrin: colours back ground effects and fonts please, no links out to other sites been looking and not happy with outcome, anyone?
  19. O

    Customizing an overlay for an musical device!

    Hi Gurus To make a long story short (see my introduction here for more info), I'm a musician/producer hellbent on customizing and restoring my gear learning PS as I go a long. I've bought a Behringer BCR-2000 which is a device that controls a synthesizer that I have that has no onboard...
  20. M

    Two Questions

    Hi, I need help with two things. 1. I want to draw a circle using the shape tool. I want it to ONLY have the stroked outline, no fill. When I do this I get only a 1 pixel circle outline. Is there a way to make the outline 5 or 6 pixels wide? If so, how? 2. I am looking for script fonts that...