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Using Online Resources (Fonts, vectors, ect)


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Hello PS Gurus!
I really hope this is an okay section to post this!
I was clearing up some of my working files today and a thought crossed my mind while clearing up vectors and fonts...

How do you guys oragnise your downloaded fonts/vectors/actions ect?

Do you keep it's original folder (with the read me and everything)
or do you make a folder called "Fonts" "Vectors" ect and just put all the files you actually use, like the EPS of a vector or the TrueType Font file, inside?

Which got me thinking, what is the standard code of conduct when using any of these free resources? Do you really list and credit the entire source of all your vectors or fonts when presenting the final product to a company or do the credits actually get lost somewhere in the sea of free stuff?

Because personally, I never know where I have to worry that somebody is going to come suing me for not crediting a background that I used that's only under 10% opacity or something on that level of dramatic re-enactment. :cheesygrin: