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Urgent help needed in opening files

Nayel Hasan Ahmed

New Member
I am making banners on Photoshop as part of an assignment. I spent countless hours on many of them. About two hours back I tried opening some of my banners only to see the "It is not a valid Photoshop document." I know this issue has been discussed numerous times, but none of the solutions work. Not a single Photoshop repair tool or any other tool has worked, as the all cannot recognize the file. The banners do not open on any other software either such as photo viewer or paint. The simple solutions such as change file extension t .psd don't seem to work either.

This applies to about four of my posters, which I guess were open when my laptop completely shut off. The rest of the banners open perfectly fine

Is there anything I can do? This is quite urgent as mentioned previously
Hi and Welcome to PSG

Could you upload one to the banners here, I wouldn't get your hopes up though.
I know it's a little late for this, but you should always and I mean always have backups of your files whether PSD's and any documents that are important to you.
I have 3 different backups 2 of which are offline on separate hard drives.
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