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Photoshop doesnt open my document, Urgent Help Needed


New Member
Hello Forum members

For the past few days I have been working on two documents simultanesly. Each document had 7 folders and each folder had text and image in different layers.
I had worked on these documents yesterday.

Today I get an error saying photoshop cannot open the document because it is invalid.

I need these documents as it contains very important things.

Ive searched through google for advice. Tried remo repair but that says invalid document too :banghead:

What can I do to get my documents back?, and how do i prevent this from happening in the future?
Can you post the file on a file sharing site so we can check it out?

Is it a PSD file, TIFF file?

One way to prevent this is to have a backup system that does at least incremental backups done automatically on intervals no larger in time for which you would want to redo all the work from the last backup.

Corruption can happen even though rare. A remote chance that the file extension was accidental modified yet without more details that is just an unlikely guess.

John Wheeler