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  1. L

    Photoshop Ghosting!

    Over the past month I've encountered a problem with Photoshop. Any time I make an addition or alteration to a document, whatever I've done does not appear until I zoom in or out of the image. I have also tried waiting a few seconds to see if the program just lagged but it still doesn't appear...
  2. F

    Photoshop doesnt open my document, Urgent Help Needed

    Hello Forum members For the past few days I have been working on two documents simultanesly. Each document had 7 folders and each folder had text and image in different layers. I had worked on these documents yesterday. Today I get an error saying photoshop cannot open the document because it...
  3. Tiffer73

    Interface question: Copy clipboard to new document

    Hi, I've just upgraded from 5.5 to CC. Just getting used to things. So, normally I would copy a selection from one document and do a "ctrl N" for new file from clipboard. I would click "new" and the new document would open and I would paste my clipboard instanly. Done. However, now the only...
  4. Bobzworld

    anybody know how to put the "new document" back?

    anybody know how to put the "new document" back in the new photoshop instead of the template option?
  5. D

    Getting white surround on PS document

    Hi Everyone, I was using the paint bucket at the time and somehow managed to color the surround area of the PS document. This white surround is coming up on all my documents now and I cannot seem to get rid of it, I've tried changing the workspace but that doesn't do anything. I've attached a...
  6. TripleYoThreat

    Simple Light Effect Turned Extremely Complicated?

    Hi, I have a Photoshop document that needs a spotlight applied to the entire document. Lighting effects are usually by layer, so I opened it as a smart object as a workaround. But then, it wasn't editable and a dark part continued to appear dark. (the bottom shoe in the screenshot) What's the...
  7. J

    Scanned document won't be imported

    Am having a problem with importing a scanned document. Usually the document is automatically imported, enabling me to open it with Photoshop CS6. Now, as soon as scanning is completed, the screen jumps back to the desktop----and leaves me at a dead end! Can you help, please? As an addendum, I...
  8. M

    how to save a smart object

    I hope it's the right forum It ended in. I have been creating a picture in photoshop and converted it to a smart object, but how does I save this file so I can use it in another document
  9. K

    Help with a homework certificate?

    Could anyone shop this to have the name be "William Lea" and the course be "ELA950 - Sache Certificate Program: The Importance of Process Safety" also change the date at the bottom to today? I'm emailing it in for submission so it doesn't have to be pixel perfect, just the right font. I am not...
  10. J

    Printing Question

    I'm trying to print an ID badge made up of 2 separate multi-layered Photoshop documents - one document is the badge front; the second document is the badge back. Need a step by step explanation as to how to print this as a single 2-sided document/badge. I have the special badge-type "teslin"...
  11. C

    Copy Paste Auto Resize

    When I marque paste a jpg into an existing Photoshop document in CS5, I need the image to resize to my Photoshop document. It's such a hassle to copy/paste, and then have to downsize (or upsize) it everytime. Is there something I can change in preferences? Or a way to do this?
  12. B

    Fade image to white at edges?

    Very much a PS newbie and my first post on here so apolgies for any schoolboy errors or breaches of protocols. I'm also finding what I want to do hard to describe because I don't have the correct language. I'm a biologist, not a media man. I have created a background (which will have some...
  13. Bigfish

    Illustrator Working with poster sized documents?

    I'm a novice so please bare with me. I created a film poster sized document. Filled the background with red and attempted to add a grain to it. At that point my laptop began to melt, smoke, wurr and clang for ten minutes before I decided to close Illustrator before I had to call the fire...
  14. C

    photoshop error message (actions)

    Has anyone had this message when trying to load an action in photoshop cs5 " could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document"? Thank you in advance
  15. T

    How to copy vector layer or selection between two document?

    Hallo everybody, I didn't understand how copy a vector layer from a document in an other document. Same thing about a selection: how to copy it created (and saved) in a document - to another document? I mean when both document are opened..., of course. Thanks for a reply.
  16. R

    Illustrator Change background colour without effecting photograph

    HelloI am new to the forum - I cant find an existing post that matches this exact inquiry, so Im creating a new thread.I am new to using Adobe illustrator and want to use it to make simple posters for events i'm organising.I have placed a photo into my project but when i change the background...
  17. O

    Help with Colage

    Hello, I am trying to make a collage full of pictures and gifs for a friend as a christmas card. You might even say it will become a full blown animation. I just started and I've already ran into some issues. I created my first gif and now I'm trying to put it on the canvas. I've copied all...
  18. A

    Editing the default new document size presets

    Hey, I would like to know where the custom document size presets (that you create and save in the new document window) are stored, and how you can edit them directly in the file? I've been breaking my head on this, and I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. This apparently used to be done...
  19. M

    Resolution Issue - Project set up for large billboard

    Hi everyone, new to the forum so what an excellent way to introduce myself - throwing myself at your feet and begging for your collective help!! I've been designing A2 posters for past few weeks and they have all gone well. I've now been put to task designing a 25 meter by 2.4 meter display for...
  20. MrToM

    [Solved] PS CC 2014 Load Files into Stack...

    Its probably me again but the 'Load Files into Stack...' script in PS CC 2014 doesn't seem to want to play. [ With no document open and loading a list of 5 images ] I get two documents created, one with just the last file in the list opened and the other with a blank layer, the same image as...