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How do I rename and save?


New Member
Just discovered this site, hoping to get some help. I tend to photoshop several images at one time and I'm looking for ways to save time. I take photos on a Nikon set to Raw. I open the images, make changes in Raw then open them up to photoshop (CS5)

At that point I will have several images open and of course each image will have the camera's file name- DSC_1234.NEF, etc. After I've made my changes, I usually rename the file name to A_1234.JPG (And of course I save it as a JPG) The problem is if I have several images open at one time, for example; DSC_1234.NEF, DSC_1235.NEF, DSC_1236.NEF, DSC_1237.NEF, etc. I have to rename them one at a time before closing. This is time consuming process, if I'm working on say 20 images. I've tried to create an action and batching them, but that doesn't seem to work. How can I save several RAW images to JPG and rename each file (replacing the "DSC" to an "A") and do several at one time?

Thank you