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Hello everyone,
I've being trying to unwrap a 3d model i've imported into photoshop but so far i could only figure out how to open a 3d layer.
I've looked for tutorials but none of them was about what I was looking for.
__צילום מסך (15).png

I would really appriciate any advice or recomended tutorials .
Thank you very much
I'll show you how to unwrap the UV of an object, in this case a buste.

- Open a new blanc document
- Select new layer from file and import the 3D object
- Select the material of the object


Click on the diffuse map and choose edit texture


This is the mesh of the selected object and you can color it or apply any material on it


Since I suspect you're a novice I suggest you go through the basics of PS 3D before starting with this...
Thank you Eggy for your quick response. it did help up to a point.
__צילום מסך (16).png

i got my unwrapped mesh but now i wonder - how can i edit it and add texture to it?
Actually your model is very basic and has no eyes, no distinct hair, no details.
All those features need to be modelled in the 3D model before they show in the mesh.
Then you can start to paint on a new layer in the PSB file or add materials and make then fit.


result of painting


But the point is that you have to add details to the 3D model so those show in the mesh and you now where to paint and/or add materials!
Thanx Eggy!!! those are great tips.
Just a quick question - does your answer applys if i want to use a photo realistic texture and not colors? do I still need to model the details or a much more abstract model ( as the one that i have) is sufficent?
You'll always need the details so that your model doesn't look flat 'painted'.
Ok. Thanx a lot!! but I'm using another methood and I need my unwrapping to be in one piece without any actual details. and witout using any colors.
I understand your answers and they do make sense... but im referring to another case which i guess is less standart than common... so basically im just missing the editing information and all the " How to "and less of what i should do before.
Does anyone know about editing an actual photorealistic texture to an un wrapped 3d object?
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