1. C

    Looking for Tutorials

    Looking for tutorials that can teach me how to create backgrounds like the following: Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks so much 🙏🏼
  2. DiaGraphics

    (Tutorial) How To Draw The Olympic Games Logo In Adobe Illustrator

    This is a quick tutorial on how to draw the olympic games logo in adobe illustrator. It is made very easy so even a beginner can follow along.
  3. T

    Looking for Tutorial On How to Make Graphics Similar to This for Instagram

    Hi all, newbie here. Not looking to create the exact same font/style etc, but wanting to make a nice looking infographic to engage my instagram followers. If there are any tutorials out there that anyone can point me towards to get started that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. T

    Oldie but newbie

    Hi, I'm a retired woman in Northern California (thus an 'oldie') but new to this forum. I'm a very basic user of Photoshop and want to learn more. Looking forward to going through the tutorials.
  5. U

    3d unwrapping

    Hello everyone, I've being trying to unwrap a 3d model i've imported into photoshop but so far i could only figure out how to open a 3d layer. I've looked for tutorials but none of them was about what I was looking for. I would really appriciate any advice or recomended tutorials . Thank you...
  6. K

    Looking for some tutorials

    Hey, Could anyone point me into the direction of some helpful free tutorials on how to remove discolouration from old photos? I have been googling for a while and can't find the thing I am looking for. Basically it is to remove those pesky yellowed and brown blotches that tend to take over...
  7. DiaGraphics

    Hello world! I make tutorials for adobe illustrator

    Hi Guys Im a guy from Denmark who has started making tutorials for Adobe illustrator. I will post them here for you to benefit from, in hope of getting some constructive feedback so i can improve my videos :)
  8. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How to draw a simple heart, cloud, tree and laural in illustrator - Feedback

    How to draw a simple heart, cloud and laural in illustrator - Feedback I have made these tutorials and plan to make some more. If you have some spare time i would really appriciate if you would watch them and give some feedback on whats good and what can be improved. Thanks
  9. L

    How can I make a logo like this in Photoshop?

    Im quiet new at Photoshop. Are there any tutorials for that kind of logo?
  10. gedstar

    Illustrator Here's some free Illustrator Tutorials

  11. Photoshopped

    Hello from Europe

    Hello, Hi I am new on this forum. I joined because I really like working in Photoshop and I would like to learn all futures that program offers. So I am from Europe and I am an architect. I am using Photoshop for almost 15 years now. At office I use photoshop almost every day and at home Im...
  12. F

    Unwrap cylinder texture

    Hello, There are alot of tutorials telling how to wrap a texture around cylinder... but let's say I got a already textured cylinder and would like to unwrap a texture from it... I know that I am able to get only a part of it, but still... how do I do that? Best regards!
  13. J

    Image Manipulation (twisted)

    Hey dears, I was wondering if anyone knows how to create twisted images like the ones below. I'm a beginner in photoshop, so if you know any tutorials or have an explanation, please let me know :idea:. Thank you!
  14. G

    Learn The Basics of Photoshop With This Tutorials. Beginner Level.

    Hi everyone, I'm new around here, and I'm willing to help anyone who needs beginner, intermediate and advanced tips and tricks. To get started I'm gonna leave a series of tutorials for beginners who want to get started and know every tool, or at least know the tip of the iceberg! :wink...
  15. Rufkraft

    Illustrator Need help creating a spherical grid

    Greetings! Could use some help recreating the "spherical" gridwork as seen in the background on the posted image. I've watched a few tutorials but its not exactly what i am looking for- usually just how to create spheres. I am trying to pay special attention to how the gridwork emanates from...
  16. ZeroCool22

    Great web with high quality photoshop works.

    www.freakingnews.com it's more humoristic a like, but there are great quality works, also some tutorials and contests.
  17. D

    Newbie to the forum, but not to photoshop

    Hey everyone, I figured I would introduce myself. My name is Danny and I am a graphic/web designer. I have been designing for about 6 years now, mostly print. I use Adobe daily. I am no stranger to Photoshop, but every now and then I get stuck and I need help. I get tired of searching the web...
  18. M

    Wrap Smart Object Around Edges

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to create a smart object that automatically wraps around corners similar to the attached image. Any help or tutorials would be awesome. Thanks!
  19. M

    Embossed / Perspective help

    Hello, I am trying to achieve the look below but having a hard time getting the realistic effect. Is this done in PS? Does anyone know any tutorials for getting the perspective look as well as the real feel? I'm thinking it's a gradient layer within the emboss... Any links to tutorials would...
  20. P

    How to Recreate These Images?

    So I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, I saw the 'Request Tutorials' section but the last post said that posting to that thread might not get noticed, so feel free to move this if I should have posted there anyway. I was wondering if anybody could take the time to make a...