1. Positronic

    Greetings from down South

    Hello everyone. 27 years old, working as a Cisco Switch Admin at a chemical refinery down here in the south, but will be returning to college soon to pursue my degree in Nursing (male nurse what what). Always had a love for Photoshop but have never really gotten as proficient with it as I'd...
  2. E

    c and c , too much or good????

    been watching ben willmore tutorials , selective curve adjustments etc , wondering if ive gone to far or not?
  3. B

    Help! How do I make a dramatic half shadow face?

    I want to be able to make a picture of myself like the album cover of John Lennon's Greatest Hits. I've searched a lot of tutorials on youtube and It doesn't seem to look like it. I want it to look like it is in the photo, Anyone help? Here's the photo attached
  4. I

    How to make a forged metal looking logo....

    i want to know how to make a letter logo that looks like the letters are hot metal or being forged. i am posting photos of the forged metal for the design. so everyone knows what i want it to look like. also if anyone knows of any cool or urban letter style/designs that would be cool to see.
  5. rufinatti

    Quick-and-Dirty Selections

    Pulled from another thread because I thought others might get benefit from this. In reference to the above image, MikeMc said: Thanks, Mike. The pen tool would be the most precise option. However, in this instance, I didn't feel like taking the time to trace around each individual...
  6. D


    Hi guys, most people probably know me as hoster of our video-tutorial page. Finally, we made it to this forum. Hoping to learn and teach a lot of stuff. Looking forward to reading you, guys. DomQuichotte & FX-Ray team
  7. P

    Photoshop TUTORIAL writing services

    Hi, I am an experienced Photoshop tutorial writer and willing to offer my services for those interested in starting or developing their own tutorial website. For more info and samples please contact me via PM. Thanks, P
  8. Boomawoom

    I've started making Photoshop video tutorials.

    Hey guys, not been here in a while, I got a job as an instructional designer intern so I've been busy :o Anyway I've been learning how to use Captivate at work so I thought, why not start making Photoshop tutorials with it :D This first video isn't very complex, it was mostly just to try out...
  9. amigo

    Amigo Productions Re-design

    Hi everyone. I've put a lot of effort into re designing Amigo Productions so it's now hopefully much easier to navigate and move between posts. I'd be really grateful if you could have a look at the new design and let me know what you think. (I'd also love it if you left a comment on the...
  10. webwize

    After Effects AE Installed - OMG what next...

    Hi Guys and Gals I have just installed After Effects and after getting over the initial horror of realizing I didn't understand one tiny little bit I thought it best to come and speak to some people who do. Any Tutorials (project based is good for me normally) that people can suggest? You...
  11. Bobzworld

    After Effects Where can i find AE Christmas Holiday Tutorials?

    Where can i find AE Christmas Holiday Tutorials & downloadable templates?
  12. T

    New Free Photoshop Tutorials website!

    Hey friends I would like to share with you my new free tutorials website, It will be great to know your opinion! the site is new so the content is just beginning to upload by daily updated! **Free Photoshop tutorials
  13. D

    good photoshop tutorials sites

    Hi I came across this site for tutorials. Photoshop Tutorials
  14. D

    Photoshop User Tv tutorials

    I cant embed the videos here but thought I would suggest watching these videos. They cover a wide ranges of things (not just photoshop). Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, RC and the others make learning really easy. Photoshop User TV
  15. J

    very useful Photoshop Tutorials site

    a cool photoshop tutorials site has a lot of useful lessons Photoshop Tutorials 99
  16. P

    video tutorials seem out of date for CS5

    Hello Ive been following a few tutorials online and noticed using CS5 some of the actions dont seem to work or might have changed. For example when it asks me to bring up the fill tool by pressing CTRL + Backspace nothing happens. Also when it asks me add a new adjustment layer and ill use...
  17. P

    Techniques and tutorials required -

    Please can anyone provide me with good video or instruction tutorials to acheive the following style of effects - Cross processing effect Gritty effect - to be used in band publicity shots...black and white and colour options if possible...im talking about the effect which has drained...
  18. Monkey Shepherd

    Make-up tutorials!

    I'm looking for free PDF file tutorials for applying make-up on portraits. Any help or suggestions and links would be appreciated. Cheers. :)
  19. A

    matte painting tutorials

    Where can I find nice matte painting tutorials
  20. D

    Background Guide

    The video tutorials are okay. Easy to follow since all you have to do is replay them. Once you remember how do it, you can move on to creativity. It greats easier to get the results you want. Digital Backgrounds | Digital Backdrops I did change a Bird to look like its swimming by changing...