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  1. T

    Sorry for rule breaking

    Sorry admins, I have read the rules and made an innocent error in replying to a topic this morning. I thought I was in the free board.
  2. J

    Crocs w/ Socks

    Good morning, Would it be possible to put some socks on this Crocodile?! Any socks will work =P Thank you!
  3. MrToM

    MrToM is not amused.

    Last night I had a 'D' drive. This morning, I don't. POOP! MrToM.
  4. Shamm68

    Good morning

    Good morning from Bristol. England :hi::hi::hi:
  5. JakGunn

    New Man

    Good morning everyone, joined this morning and I hope to learn from you so that I may enhance and enjoy my photographs all the more. When am little more confident I'll post some image's for you to see. I am from Norfolk, UK. Retired and I have been taking photo's for a long time! Many...
  6. Paul

    Rainy Perth morning

    Unusual but welcome. :mrgreen:
  7. R

    Just Joined the Forum

    Hi all, Just joined this morning and am finding it rather difficult to find my way around but no doubt after a while all will become clear, I hope!
  8. R

    new member form south of France

    Hi everyone, I'm ReM, 38, french photographer I'm from Perpignan - south of France and I found the forum this morning. I'm very happy to post here. See you
  9. R

    Trying to make a morning/orangy/evening overlay effect

    Hi, I am trying to add the orangy-morning/evening overlay to an image. I have a high resolution version of this image and I'm trying to add an orangy overlay so it looks like the morning/evening, so it looks like the third image below (Making a high resolution version of it). I've tried...
  10. B

    Good morning

    First day........
  11. D

    Morning Every body I'am new member

    Morning Every body I'am new member
  12. hawkeye

    Bored this morning

    So I came up with this:
  13. B

    Good morning shoppers

    Hi, I'm here to make my headscratching more public, and look forward to getting and sharing suggestions. What brought me here are questions related to work I'm doing with stereographs. cheers, BrghtEye
  14. E

    Good Morning!

    My name is Elina and i`m from Sweden and i work extra at a sign shop in Sweden. I`m 30 years old and have sum experience in Photoshop but i have worked alot in coreldraw. Glad to have found your forum.