1. C

    After Effects Can you help me find out if my idea will even work using Ater Effects and CA

    Please help, can you use the lip sync feature during a head turn? Will all mouth animations follow the movement of the head, including size and angle changes? i am planning on using after effects on my real life stop motion clips (silicon models). So basically similar to robot chicken, but...
  2. I

    Editing a gif in Photoshop

    Hello.i have a little problem. I tried to edit a gif in Photoshop,but in the final when I finish all the work,only the new text that I introduced it have an effect. The gif have some motion effects,and I don't know how to modify a date but still keep those motion effects. Can you give some...
  3. R


    hello Photoshop gurus i am motion graphics designer my name is raj
  4. W

    Help needed please

    I have recently downloaded 3d shatter polygon photoshop action. But when i use it i got a blurred image (like extensive motion blurred). What should i do? I have followed all the instruction that is available but still got blurred image.
  5. R

    motion graphic video issue

    Hi guys I have a motion graphic alpha channel video and I want to add onto my website background image I didn't make before I need help. Can you help me guys do you know any how to make video or something ? Thank you.
  6. N

    Merge these 2 photos to look like they belong together

    Hi guys, I like to take statue photography and I want to blend them into real environments but Im not quite sure how to achieve this. I want to add the speeder bike to the woods and add some motion. Any help would be great. I really appreciate this. I have basic photoshop knowledge.
  7. G

    Motion Effect in Madden

    These effects are seriously sick. How do ea made it? I know they used motion blur on a duplicate layer and probably mask it and brush. I just wanna know how they bring out the shadows and make it black? Curves?
  8. M

    Text jumping or in motion

    Hello Everyone, I have a text that I would like to have the effect of jumping in the air, can anyone say what is the best way produce? I was thinking of maybe a little bit of perspective with the bottom being smaller than the top but I don't know how to give it that visual of motion or as if it...
  9. JustThisGood

    Adding a motion trail to a person in a Photo!

    Hey PSG, hope you enjoy this tutorial.
  10. K

    Smoothing out motion

    So I want to have a background move across the stage to give a scrolling effect as if the "camera" were panning across. I ran into a problem though because the background moves along choppy. My document is set to 30 fps. I know I could slow the motion down which would increase the number of...
  11. D

    Rotate text in photoshop motion?

    I'm using photoshop 5 and I'm trying to rotate text in "Motion", however when I rotate the text in one frame it rotates the text in all of the frames. How can I stop this so that my text can rotate between frames?