1. L

    Specific Hawaiian Scenery help!

    Dear Photoshop Guru's! I need some help putting these pictures together from my travelling! I have these two pictures, that I need merging into one. The first picture has me smiling and facing the camera, however the second picture has the better view but me turning away. Just wondering if it...
  2. G

    Is it possible to get this green guy a natural skin tone?

    Hi, I'd need to give this guy a somewhat natural skin tone, or at least something warmer than this green. I've played around a bit but doesn't really get there. Any tips? cheers G
  3. A

    Following the Success of My Last Project...

    Hi, I was really happy with the help I received from my last post and learnt a huge amount. I'm really struggling, however, with getting the perspective right on my next image. I've flipped my table so it's in a different orientation but can't seem to distort it in the right way to have it look...
  4. G

    Skin Color Correction -How do I correct From Blue to Natural?

    Skin Color Correction -How do I correct From Blue (from stage lighting) to Natural?
  5. D

    How to create clouds like spray cream

    Hi, I found two images and both of them have clouds. This clouds are not natural, but looks good in manipulation. I tried using directly cloud brush, but they gave more of natural look. Then, I tried using Cotton to make clouds and decrease the structure and sharpening That process gave me...
  6. Y

    Can someone edit the girl on the left out of the picture? This is at a college tailgate. I want it to be the full picture (not cropped) just with the girl on the left taken out of it! I also want it to look as natural and unphotoshopped as possible, as if it were taken originally with just the girl on the right in the...
  7. K

    switching cartoon shirts

    Can somebody please photoshop this sweatshirt, on to the guy on the left (black sweatshirt), and make it look as natural as possible please. Thank you in advanced
  8. K

    Any feedback will be much appreciated.

    Hi everyone, I did try to enhance a photo from the Internet. Did I do a "good" job on the eyes? How about the lips does it look natural? What I can do better to push this work further? Work still in progress. Thank you so much for taking some of your time in checking this post. Before After
  9. S

    A Little Help With A Panorama?

    I recently went to Niagara Falls and came home probably the most beautiful picture I've ever taken. Unfortunately, the Panorama didn't come up perfectly, and there is a discrepancy in the handrail in the image. I know that it is next to impossible to completely remove that, but I was hoping that...
  10. A


    After a really long time without taking the camera, i decided to go to the street and make some photos, so any comment and critique are welcome, i need a lot of practice XD This one is not in the street, is just a casual photo i take to my father in the terrace, natural light, i want him to...
  11. F

    Need a more natural looking sunset.

    In the first photo, I need a more natural looking sunset: The second photo, I need the noise to go away or at least look better specially on the pillar:
  12. F

    How can I make this more "natural"?

    Hello everyone, For a photobooth project, I made this photoshop: This photoshop is composed by 2 photos (background with people + box). I made some modifications: - strech the background - add an effect to make the "white" of the box whiter But I am not still convinced by the visuel. I...
  13. S

    How do you make contours of a body smooth?

    Hi! I recently took a photo with steel wool and long exposure, and the result came out alright, except for how her body has sparks coming off the left side of her body, making it look jagged/wavy. How would I remove this and create a more natural appearance? Also, any suggestions on how I...
  14. V

    Need help with cloning/healing bokeh

    I can normally get my job done using a combination of cloning, patching, and spot healing. If I just stick with it long enough I can get the results I want, however the bokeh from streetlights has me genuinely stuck. I'm just finding it really hard to take out the unwanted spots while still...
  15. E

    Liquify Model Body

    Just learned how to use the liqufy tool properly on Photoshop, so I took a picture of a plus size model and decided to make her really skinny to see how natural I can keep the edit. What do you guys think? The edit looks pretty natural to me, but as always anybody's two cents is help to...
  16. J

    How to Balance Natural Light with a Flash

    Here's a great video tutorial on how to balance natural light with flash
  17. Paul

    Make Michael Jackson old

    Read a news story about how MJ had over 100 surgeries because of his dislike of his own appearance, they made a computer generated face of what he might look like if alive today WITHOUT any of his surgeries. I am sure we can do better here at PSG, make him look natural but old use a face of him...
  18. M

    Fixing a missing eye

    I have been trying to fix this eye but I have been unable to make it look natural. I duplicated it flipped it horizontally, then I used the liquify tool. The main reason it is so hard to fix is because the child is slightly tilted n thee yes never look natural. I need help making it look...
  19. N

    can ne1 make this picture look like as natural as it can be

    I have taken this image from a dress and can not make this image look like a natural image. So that it gives a feel that it is a real image and not an image take of an image. Please help me out thanking in advance.