1. K

    how to achieve this sharp effect

    i am mainly into taking pics of cars and want to learn to enhance the final images this is one of the effects that i really like. its mostly for night pics the pic looks extremely sharp almost like its painted or a cartoon i have some night pics i have shot recently and i would like to...
  2. J

    Changing night to day with photoshop

    At 76 years, an oldage civil service pensioner, but still a computer newbie and a slow learner, would greatly appreciate a step-by-step method to change a street day scene into night? I use Photoshop CS5. JoeJ (from a central Mediterranean Island-State)
  3. Z

    what are you doing for bonfire night? :)

    well it's that flashy boom time again! :D so what are you doing tonight to celebrate bonfire night?
  4. JustThisGood

    Photoshop Magic! From DAY to NIGHT in photoshop!

    Hey everyone in this tutorial i show you how to turn a photo from day to night! :mrgreen:
  5. Paul

    On a cold winters night

    Made this in the pop art style - hope you like it:)
  6. RedneckR0nin

    From a Wedding last night

    Just a example of photo layering and focus layering. The same type of process as HDR but instead of different exposures you use different f-stops and play with the field of depth to get a more filled in shot effect!