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  1. potamia

    It Comes at Night - Alternative Movie Poster

    It Comes at Night - Alternative Movie Poster
  2. potamia

    Live By Night - Alternative Movie Poster

    Live by Night - Alternative Movie Poster
  3. Pipsmom

    High Sierra and well intended helper

    Oh we really do need a space for moaning and venting computer headaches don't we? Never ever let a well intended family member touch your computer I say :bustagut: Out of the blue my hubby decides late last night to be a help me and installed the new High Sierra to my Mac since he had...
  4. T

    Can you please make the sky a night one and do something about the blue wall?

    Make it at night and fix that blue wall
  5. R

    Night Mode mistake - Can someone change back to normal colors.

    I purchased a Go Pro knockoff camera for a recent vacation trip to try. I was playing with the settings in a cave and had it on night mode. The following day I was taking pics on the ocean while kayaking and all my still shots were still in night mode so everything has a white hue to it. I'm...
  6. R

    Night Sky Notebook Paper

    just something i through together in 10 mins
  7. V

    How to achieve these colors?

    Hi, guys. Im a night club photographer, beed using photoshop since CS2. Till now I haven't had any problems to achieve whatever I have wanted to achieve. But i stumbled upon a night club in Dubai and the colors they got in their photos are just woah. The lightning is similar /through led...
  8. K

    Daytime to Nighttime

    Hi, I managed to superimpose a newly designed building into its surrounding using Pixlr, but now I am struggling to change the scene into a night scene (with lights on the inside of the buildings). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. K

    Pretty easy one

    The tree branch in the top-centre of the image, obscuring the blue night sky, I would please like to ask if this branch could be faded out and to make a seamless blue night sky that isn't obscured by that branch.
  10. ZeroCool22

    A terrifying night. [Photomanipulation]

    Base image: Finished Image: Want critiques.
  11. N

    Remove flare from night shots

    Hello all, I am having difficulty removing those flares from the pic attached here. I tried cloning but the results are not so good. What method do you suggest? The camera used is Nikon D800 with Nikkor 16-35 mm lens. Many thanks!
  12. B

    Can I change the time of day of an image?

    I have an image that was taken in the day and I'm trying to make it look like night time, are there any steps I could follow to achieve this?
  13. MightyRange

    Creating poster with nighttime fog between distant mountain ranges.

    Hello, i would like to ask for help with creating similar movie poster attached. Im interested in the white midline with the pattern(any kind for my effort) and nicely distributed fog effect above peaks, i might see some lensflare(?) - but have no idea how to achieve that. Also thinking about...
  14. J

    Turn this image from day to night

    Hello everyone. I am trying to turn a image from day to night. I have googled and followed few tutorials... but I still couldn't get the night effect I wanted. Above is the picture I tried to edit. I tried to use hue & saturation, camera raw filter and curves... the house seemed ok, but the sky...
  15. Paul

    Taking night shots.

    Having some issues with night shots stars especially. I have the camera set to BULB and the camera will not make a decision on firing? I have a small Nikon coolpix and it works in darkness without any issues (ok the flash fires but thats just how the camera deals with it), but my Nikon DLSR does...
  16. Hybrus

    [What Videocard is best for Photoshop?]

    What is the best videocard for photoshop and Illustrator? I am planning to buy a new one. My Videocard is recently broken I think. Last night there where glimps or misbehavior on my screen then a moment later my PC restarted.
  17. C

    VW Factory

    Another photo manipulation....
  18. Kristen Tyler Photo

    Need Pure White Background with Shadows

    Hi everyone! I had a shoot yesterday with a model in a milk bath, and I have a great amount of shots that I love, but I am running into some serious post work issues. Spent 4 hours in Photoshop last night trying to tackle this, and again this morning, and have decided to turn to you all for...
  19. G


    I am Giorgos[George] from Greece[Ellada]. I love the photoshop.I m a beginner. I want to talk with you. Good night my friends Giorgos from Greece. Ι do not speak English well.
  20. C

    day to night advice!5946&authkey=!AAX3Lr3HNws7YtI&ithint=video%2cmp4 Recently for fun I started doing a few day to night conversions which I'm told turned out pretty good. I have been having difficulty with the windows. Usually they turn out so you have a...