1. I

    Layer Styles Pen Fill path is very pixelated when filled in.

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for viewing my post!! I'm very very new to photoshop and I really do not know what I am doing. I was following a tutorial to create my Logo but when I use the pen tool to create shapes (Pen tool > Make the shape I need > Fill Path..) it fills just fine but it is very...
  2. S


    Hey all, Just stopping in here to say Hi!!!...... I'm the noob :) Scott
  3. A

    Photoshop noob is looking for critique.

    This project is for my school. "Homework theme" is Photo manipulation and I've chosen to do something that kind off reminds to an Apocalyptic scene. I want to know what do you recommend me to do, what is good and what isn't. And if possible, how to fix bad things or do something that you've...
  4. P

    Greetingz from Southern Africa

    Good day everyone, I run a small e-commerce website and have since started learning online some basic photosshop skills, although I am a total noob. But we getting there slowly. Nice to be here
  5. J

    Photoshop noob

    Honestly I was looking for a forum where I can find help with photoshop, I don't have any skills or expertise to offer in return, I have been using Gimp for a long time but I wasn't doing anything advanced at all, just using it for everyday personal needs, I am not a graphic designer and not...
  6. RollTheDice

    Hello! Noob alert

    Whats up everybody! I am a noob at photoshop, but I am good at parenting over 2 kids. Love anime, but gotta watch it at about 10 when the kids are asleep :banghead: but otherwise, a pretty good guy! Just needed help and wanted to chat with others about photoshop. Hope to get better from learning...
  7. samc36

    Samc36 here from Ireland! Hi everyone.

    Hi everyone, Samc36 here. Noob on the forum. I haven't really looked around the forum much, but like the look of VBulletin and thought hey it's about time I joined a photoshop specific forum. Hopefully I can help some people out, and also learn a lot myself. Cheers in advance for any...
  8. 0

    Panorama Photo Correction

    I have used photoshop quite a bit but never for correcting photo exposure. I took this panorama of the wave field at Storm King's art center but the exposure turned out poor. Any suggestions for correcting this? Ot if someone out there who does this type of thing often and knows the problem...
  9. A

    Help with detail

    I'm pretty much almost terrible at anything creative, but I've tried to make a somewhat cartoon image. It lacks a lot of things one of them being detail and I was hoping someone could help me out with it. Anything feedback would be appreciated.
  10. W

    Photoshop noob/ request

    hey guys i'm a total photoshop noob and hardly even know hot work a pc let alone photoshop but i have this request i need the logo in the center in the following picture removed without damaging the background. This is reaaaaallly important for me! can somebody please help me with it...
  11. M

    I need someone who will do my design for free!

    Starting my business and I am not good with photoshop and I got a few designs I want done in few size's to ill explain more if you want to help.
  12. J

    HELP logo design NOOB

    Hello GURUS. I'm a super NOOB in photoshop but the important thing is that I'm willing to try and learn. I'm wanting to design a logo for my t-shirt business. The logo is going to be a university type of school crest, but it should portray the meaning of the business. The website is called...
  13. R


    Hmm...I just tried this. Not too experienced with Photoshop yet, but I think it turned out okay...
  14. J

    lookie what the noob did

    i know you may think these are easy to do but it took me a while to figure out how to do it ^^.
  15. J

    whats happening, im a noob with CS5 and hopefully yall can help me out ;)

    im james, 28. im from atlanta ga. and i hope i learn alot from joining this forum.
  16. W

    Serious Noob Alert!

    Hi all and thanks for getting past the title and reading this far at least! I am a former musician turned chef who, whilst being basically "smart" enough to turn my hand to most things, I currently find myself getting ready to open my own restaurant and, well, discovering the delights of...
  17. U

    noob question...

    Hello, I'm not an animator but my GF is. She just got a wacom tablet and it came with photoshop elements. Here is my question, do you need Photoshop to install and use Elements?