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  1. C

    Hi all

    I have been messing around in Photoshop for a while, primarily with photos that I have taken. I used to love to draw pencil to paper so I decided to give it a bash, using my Wacom Intuos, and I'm getting there, currently drawing a lot of animal stuff. After watching a lot of speed art on YouTube...
  2. hawkeye

    See anything wrong

    I saw this picture posted on Facebook and to me it doesn't look right. I circled the area that stood out for me. Not that it matters really, it's just that I notice these things and wondered what others may think.
  3. J

    Help with Text colour

    Hi, just new to using photoshop. Can someone help me with inserting colour into text? I'm trying to make part of the text a certain colour but can't figure out how to do it Similar to this picture. Notice that "stadion" is blue in the middle but the top and bottom of "stadion" is white. Any...
  4. pslane

    Illustrator Rotating an object

    I notice when I try to rotate an object, this makes it distorted. Any way I can do this without changing the shape? Thanks pslane
  5. S

    adding a hand written notice to a table

    i need to know how to add a hand written notice to a small table i will upload a photo where i would like to add a handwritten notice to a table