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  1. S

    Photoshop CS3 Layer Mask Density Option

    Hello everyone, I need some help finding this option, if it even exists. Does PS CS3 have a Layer Mask Density option? I have a Layer Mask that is solid black, but wanted to change the density level. If CS3 does not have the option, is there an alternative?
  2. O

    Need Help for shadow ad gloss

    Hy everyone i need tutorials how to make gas tank like this, Mod Edit link not working Actually first i use pen tool than i use blending option but its doesn't come real. An than i use brush than i decrease the opacity it came same. And ths what i have done with that
  3. M

    How can you delete your own thread?

    I viewed the edit option and it wont let me delete my thread, how do I go about this?
  4. Bobzworld

    anybody know how to put the "new document" back?

    anybody know how to put the "new document" back in the new photoshop instead of the template option?
  5. J

    how can i do this effect?

    hi, can anyone assist me on doing this lightray effect ? i try using polygon tool fill it white and gaussian blur and blending option color overlay but it seems funny. Thank you.
  6. D

    Question in 3D textures

    Im trying to texture a 3D model and the easiest way i found to do it was to do a "bleeding option" of gradient on the object, the problem is it doesnt count it in the texture, can i somehow turn that bleeding option into a texture?
  7. S

    No refine edge option in Quick Selection tool

    I am using PS CC 2017. I am trying to select two objects in a photo to blur a background. I am using the Quick selection tool, which works fine, except at the top over the photo, there is no option for "refine edge", as I have seen in online tutorials. As you can see by my attachment, the...
  8. J

    Old photoshopper looking to upgrade and need advice...

    I'm grateful to find this forum and thanks in advance if anyone can help me out. I've been using Photoshop 7.0 on an XP system for many years but I've recently been forced to upgrade to windows 10. I can't seem to locate a software purchase option that doesn't require a monthly cloud service...
  9. W

    batch converting images to grayscale

    I have several hundred images that I would like to convert to grayscale - is there a way to do this?. I am familiar with "Process Multiple Files" and I used this to reduce the image size but there is no grayscale conversion option. I am using Elements 10 and I'd be happy to upgrade to...
  10. R

    Unmerging Layers

    I had someone do a few graphics for me with PS and when they sent me the psd file, many of the layers were already merged. Is there a way to unmerge these if the file is coming from someone else, already merged? When I right click the layer, the option to unmerge isn't there. Thanks
  11. T

    Customizing Tablet Pen Buttons (Erase)

    I've just purchased a new tablet and was looking to use the first button on the pen to erase but cant find any info on how to achieve this if possible. I had borrowed one of the older Wacom Bamboo tablets from my work and this was easy as it was an option in the driver - there was a drop down...
  12. pslane

    Illustrator misssing toolbar

    Is there any way to get this tool bar when working with Illustrator paths? This is an old version (CS2) so could it be that this tool bar is not an option? Thanks, pslane
  13. E

    Can we hide scrollbars without changing the view?

    Hey everyone. I have been using PS with my Cintiq to draw, and my forearm sometimes hits the scrollbar. I want to hide them if possible, but keep all of my tool Windows open. I couldn't find an option for this, so just looking for some help. Thanks.
  14. G

    PS for video/animation: how do I zoom to a precise point?

    Hello, I am trying out PS for video for the first time and want to create a zoom effect from a photograph. I want to zoom in on teh eye of the cat, but all PS is offering me in the option is to click a point in teh 3x3 grid to select as a zoom to point. Can I not set my own point that I want to...
  15. mikecox

    Ps Printer options

    In a bygone day I remember being able to import my hp scanned images directly into Ps. Something happened; I got a new printer or something and I was forced to use my flash drive to scan images to. I put off setting it back up for so long that I think, maybe the option isn't even available any...
  16. C

    7 * 3 feet

    how i create poster 7 * 3 feet .. as when i click on new then there is not option of feet.. there is other options avaible like pixels,inches etc .. feet option is not avaible so i done with this?
  17. M

    how to save as Progressive JPEG in Photoshop?

    I can't find the option to save as Progressive JPEG.... Where do I find it?
  18. S

    Moving The Option Bar

    Is there a way to move the option bar over to the right side of the screen. I like to have all my menus, bars and windows on the right had side of the screen and have been able to manage this with all i need to apart from the option bar. Currently its docked at the top and stretches all the way...
  19. C

    Is there a way to remove / change feather option AFTER closing lasso on Photoshop?

    Hi there Ive just spent 20 minutes polygonal lassoing round an image and after I'd closed the lasso shape I found I'd accidentally set feather on 34 rather than 1 (God knows how I did this). Is it possible to remove the feather option at this point, or better still change it to 1, or am I going...