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  1. S

    Block merging help.

    Hello. I am trying to create a header effect like in the image attached but using the colour pallete of the lower image. I want it to be 'big blocky' but with colours 'off pallete' that merge. Does that make sense? If you look at the merge from yellow to orange and then orange to pink in the...
  2. S

    Orange Autumn Leaves to Spring Green leaves

    Can anyone hep me with this image please? Im trying to create a less autumnal feel about this image and would like the orange leaves to be green or a greeny yellow. im a total photoshop notice and played about Selective Colour Adjustment Layers and Hue / Saturation but I usually end up with...
  3. S

    Request--Change Color of Fox

  4. S

    Can someone please repair the color of this photo?

    Can someone please fix this image by removing the orange color?
  5. agentmoeller

    Too orange?

    I don't think so.
  6. G

    Need help with the tshirt printing design

    Hi I want to digitally print below tshirt. Can you help me re create the orange design in photoshop or any other software. I am very new to this.
  7. S

    Need some coloring help....

    Hi all! Just posted a thread yesterday and learned how to create a ribbed glass I just need to figure out how to the coloring I want! Here's a picture of what I have so far.... I'm doing a painting series...the first painting is based off of this image, so I want to have a...
  8. P

    Name in logo

    Hi guys.. I want my name to be printed on the logo of accenture in straight lines along the orange many times as it can be written.. any help appreciated. Thanks.
  9. C

    Trying to create Softball Banner similar to post, having trouble with blend

    Im trying to create something similar to this but with Orange, and having troubles getting the black / orange layers to to blend properly. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. rambomhtri

    Questions about replacing colors and stuff

    Hi, I was trying to create an album art using an already existing album art that is almost identical. This is the high quality album art: And the album art I want to create is this one: That orange right there is this one: # f96000 What I do is use the "Replace color..." tool in the Image...
  11. S

    Fading picture into background color

    Hi all, Just started creating some picture in photoshop, but got stuck while trying to replicated a certain picture. I just don't get it how to fade in the picture into the background color. The original picture is the green one of Leonardo Di Caprio. The orange one is mine. How can you...
  12. J

    Request: Change background color and sharpen image

    I was wondering if anyone can change the background color to orange and sharpen up the image. Also, just sharpen and make the green logo smoother/cleaner. The shade of orange I am looking for is similar to the stihl logo.
  13. J

    Debluring a licence plate photo

    Hi guys and girls im wondering if anyone would be able to help me deblur the license plate on the orange car in the photo i have attached. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  14. F

    creating a caption box

    Does anyone know how to create the shape for the orange captions in this video? Thank You.
  15. K

    How to change color

    I want to change orange color to red color. I use Magic Wand Tool to select orange color and Paint Bucket Tool. But edges not smooth. Can anyone suggest me the best way to change color ? Thank you
  16. K

    Critique: Dull afternoon to sunset photo

    i took this pic in the afternoon it was very bland i had an idea for a nice orange sunset look this is my attempt ur comments and advice to improve this pic
  17. S

    help for a novice?

    hi, can anyone help with advice on this, can the back ground colour be changed to a light blue from the orange? also any help on how best to do it if its possible! thanks
  18. R

    Making a true duotone that looks like a gradient map

    Hey guys, maybe you can help me with this. I have a project where I am printing orange onto an uncoated paper, and to keep the color vibrant I am printing the orange as spot PMS 151. In one instance, the orange is overlayed over a photograph (it was an orange layer set to mulitply over a...
  19. TravisHD

    Orange Blog Design - Need Feedback

    What do you guys think of this blog design that I have started? I think it still needs some work in the typography department but I could use some fresh set of eyes.
  20. R

    Trying to make a morning/orangy/evening overlay effect

    Hi, I am trying to add the orangy-morning/evening overlay to an image. I have a high resolution version of this image and I'm trying to add an orangy overlay so it looks like the morning/evening, so it looks like the third image below (Making a high resolution version of it). I've tried...