1. L

    Overlap/Superposition: color change

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows how it works as it does in the image below, when two colors overlap, they change into a different one (specifically one in the color palet used by this artist, @kid_woof on insta). Thanks!
  2. T

    Wacom tablet eraser tool question

    I just purchased a Wacom pro tablet awhile back and just noticed something. When for instance I use the eraser tool, even with the hardness setting to 100%, I still have to overlap an edge of something i'm trying to erase to get it to get it to the edge. With the mouse, the hardness settings...
  3. Resin

    Overlapping Color Issues.

    Hello there. I'm currently working on coloring a grayscaled picture. I recently downloaded the free CS3 from the Adobe website. I've never had this particular thing happen before and I don't know how to fix it, but I need to figure out how to keep the colors from melding. If I go over an area...