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  1. H

    Why does this look transparent?

    I'll be quick: I have a GFX pack and I want to duplicate a layer with black BG that looks transparent, but when y duplicate it it just looks with a black bg, ¿how can I copypaste it like it's seen on the pack? ¿Is this pic even PNG? Hope somebody read this soon xD. PS: It's not a mask, I´m...
  2. A

    Brushes Please let me know which brush pack did this come from

    Please give me a download link to (.abr) photoshop brushes pack that has this particular brush inside. Thank you in advance
  3. SylkRode

    Kapytal glass tile effect help

    Not really a "newbie," but I'd like a bit of help. A few years ago, I stumbled across a glass tile used as an avatar and I've been wondering how I might go about creating it via a style. I've gotten close using a style from the pack listed below as a starting point, but I'm still not quite...
  4. Paul

    Starwars pixel art

    Having trouble getting the smoke to look good from the jet pack any ideas? :mrgreen:
  5. M

    Help! Searching UI Kit

    Hello, Gurus! So, I need to create web-design for my own site, but when yesterday I instal a Photoshop CS3 - I understand that I can't create a good Interface without any practice! Terrible hard to learn absolutely new program. Maybe you have some kits or packs with free UI? Please me help...
  6. V

    GFX PACK - Free download

    Hope you like it! Please subscribe to my channel if you like!:) Download: Download DLB-150GFXPACK.rar for free on
  7. V

    Vector Pack – Color Textures

    Today we have a unique Vector Pack which is created in collaboration with the stock artist FantasyStock. We have for you 25 Color Textures which are 100% Vector – available in .AI and .EPS format! Download Now * Download This Pack: Vector Pack Vector Textures There are 25 vector...
  8. V

    Vector Pack – Summer Cocktails

    We have a new set of vector illustrations. In this pack you’ll find 20 popular stylized cocktail vectors. They are full of flavors, such as: Cosmopolitans, Tequila Sunrises, Mai Tais, Margaritas, and more. They can be used within illustrations as creative elements, as part of a drinkrelated...