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Vector Pack – Color Textures


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Today we have a unique Vector Pack which is created in collaboration with the stock artist FantasyStock. We have for you 25 Color Textures which are 100% Vector – available in .AI and .EPS format! Download Now


* Download This Pack: Vector Pack

Vector Textures

There are 25 vector illustrations in this pack. The license allows you to use these vectors in your designs, see the download file for details. They can be scaled to any size and colored any way you choose, as these are all vector (in EPS and AI formats)!

Below is an example of the vector textures in this pack applied to vector artwork. This gives you a feel for the variety of the textures and how they look applied to artwork

This new Vector Pack is created by Sharon Milne. She’s written numerous high quality vector tutorials for us and we’re excited to partner up with her on this exclusive Pack release!