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  1. A

    Specific Vector art/potrait

    Can anyone turn this image into vector art/potrait ?
  2. A

    Paid Make logo with the same colors.

    Hi everyone, Can you please make the logo for the text “slo pharma” in the same style as the photo below “rx meds”. I want that the same colors are being used and background of “slo” also needs to be transparent same as “rx” background. Please make it vector style photo. Thank you in advance.
  3. S

    the easiest way to make non fuzzy edges

    Hey, Edges on my vector and text (300 DPI) are fuzzy and this cause the white outline when print (direct-to-garment). I see the issue when I zoom in, see the slight rough edges (shades) The easiest fastest way to fix it? PS I thought vectors don't have edges.... but I've checked a lot free and...
  4. K

    Help with vectorizing a specific way? Or reducing number of colors?

    I am trying to take some anime/video game images and turn them into a minimalistic style for papercrafting. Essentially, I want to take all of the colors in a pic and boil them down to about max 10 colors. I want to make some papercraft shadow boxes and plan on sending each color layer to my...
  5. T

    vector for image

    Hi, how are you? I'm new here and I started using Illustrator and Photoshop for a project, it happens that when I create the logo in Illustrator when I get the logo selected in Illustrator and I send it to PS it simply loses its quality a lot, what can I do to solve it? problem ? ps: The...
  6. Antony

    Specific Could someone please give the elements sharp edges

    Hello, I am a bit of a photoshop hack and I created this for my friends that I run with. Unfortunately, I cannot get the edges to be nice and crisp. My friends want to put this on our training T-Shirts. The size I need is 30cm X 30cm at 300 DPI When I hacked this together, I made the image...
  7. Chsavage

    First Ever Pen Vector Art.

    That was rough.
  8. agentmoeller

    Illustrator vector logo

    Another sketch turned into a vector logo, for no particular purpose....
  9. agentmoeller

    caricature logo

    Sketched on paper, then re-drawn in Illustrator as a vector logo.
  10. T

    Edge Smoothing

    Hi everyone. If anyone can help me smooth out the edges on this shape below, to make it look like a vector, it would be really appreciated! Thank you!
  11. U

    Difficult one - Vector profile pic

    Hi, Not sure how difficult this is but can someone change my picture into a vector type profile? Kinda like this: Ideally i'd like no mouth, eyes or nose on the pic. Just a head, shoulders (with a plain t-shirt - that i could fill in with my chosen colour) Hair and eyebrows, i'd also like...
  12. MikeMc

    Little help

    I would love if someone could redo this in illustrator or as a vector Came from this....I added the 470
  13. U

    How Do I Apply old newspaper texture?

    Hey guys, I've seen this image... I wonder - how do I apply that texture added to the vector artwork? Was it created using photoshop or Illustrator? :rolleyes: Thnaks!
  14. E

    Sharpening the outlining & Vector?

    Hi there, I made a little logo awhile ago. I'm by no means a designer but we did need something for on our receipts (beach club). Recently we have donated a pretty big amount of money to a charity and they asked if we wanted them to sponsor us. They needed an .eps or vector file. I don't have...
  15. O

    Illustrator Resizing a vector file

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help please? I am looking to resize a vector border that I downloaded (please see attached). The one on the left of the attached file has been resized by someone (I'm not too sure how). Every time that I increase the vector (by holding shift and dragging...
  16. A

    Vector File

    Looking for some help turning this image into a vector file. I believe it may need to be improved in quality first.
  17. B

    Creating a 'Adjustable Frame'

    What I'm trying to do is create a 'adjustable frame', a top layer that acts just like a picture frame would for an actual picture. I'd like to be able to re-size this frame so I don't have to keep re-cropping/filling the areas every time I make a change. I've tried looking into how to accomplish...
  18. C

    [Help] What am I doing wrong? Vector Mask Issue

    I'm doing a personal custom project and I want to make text look old and worn down. I stumbled upon this tutorial on google I've done everything it asks and I still cannot get the transparent grunge texture to blend with the...
  19. S

    Vector Art on Photoshop First attempt and Im Happy with my work...

    This is my First attempt on Vector work in Photoshop I never did this before at any platform..
  20. F

    GIF to EPS (vector grafics)

    Hi guys, I'm writing some homework and I prefer to solely have vector graphics in it. Most of the images are easy to draw, but there are some which are pretty sophisticated. For one of the images I've got a bad quality gif: Can I somehow automatically smooth the lines with CC 2015 so that I...