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  1. nffox007

    Vector maps of countries and cities?

    Hey guys! Let me introduce myself, my name is Cyril, I draw vector maps and now we have a small library of free to download vector maps of different countries and cities in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw format, can I post some links here, or where can I upload the archives?
  2. Pearlie

    3D From Thin Air: Her First Toys

    Work in progress. My plan is to create a bedroom 'set' to place this in.... as an ad mockup. Comments welcome. Created from flat vector art.
  3. P

    Need 6 logos converted to vector format for vehicle wrap

    Hello everyone, I am in a pinch and need to get a few logo's converted to vector for use in a vehicle wrap for our company truck. We are a small veteran owned business in Alaska and we will be bringing a few wounded vets out hunting this year. We are in the process of getting our truck...
  4. M

    UK pound note Vector tutorial

    HI everyone, I'm trying to design a logo for a custom made hat. I've managed in the past to make vector art of a dollar bill. Would anyone know how to do it with a a 50 pound note? Or where I can find one?
  5. V

    How to Create a Jolly Santa Vector Illustration

    This tutorial will take you through the entire creative process from rough thumbnail sketch to final digital art. You’ll discover how to create and build a precision vector illustration of jolly St. Nick. I’ll cover simple build methods and techniques that will help you discover a new ways...
  6. L

    Won A Design Contest Need Help Getting My Design Ready For Printing

    I won a shirt design contest and they suggested I send in a vector image but I don't have a copy of Illustrator and I designed it in Photoshop. So they said bitmap images were fine but they have to be 300 DPI and be at least the same size it's going to be on the shirt. My problem is...
  7. C

    New Photoshop artist

    Hey guys Im Cesar Im learing how to use PS to make nice art on it, I hope we could be great friends here I start my activity here with two new threads I hope you could help me:
  8. C

    Best brushes to make vector art?

    Hi again guys, this is another little question I have, does PS have some predetermined brushes to have better an fine results vectroing? I add an image about what Im searching for: Thanks alot for your answers guys.
  9. C

    Vectoring tool problem

    Hellothere guys I have a little issue with the vectoring pen tool, Im pretty new using this program nevertheless Im sure this little issue can be fixed, anyways my problem is this: When I start vectoring the first stroke seems to be pretty perfect nevertheless the second stoke makes some kind of...
  10. Z

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for printing?

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for print? I am not sure how to summarize my problem well into one sentence, I will simply describe my workflow and my goal I draw the comics in AI, compose everything into square boxes of different sizes. Copy the AI vectors into a PSD...
  11. G

    Illustrator Export of seamless vector image from Illustrator to Photoshop Elements

    Hi I am in fabric design/printing business and work with seamless patterns. Almost all designs I purchase are in EPS or AI, but I need them in PSD. (Both because I know that program best, but also because the company who prints our fabrics prefer Photoshop) When I export from Illustrator to...
  12. P

    Illustrator Help converting seamless texture to vector

    I have a seamless texture that was created in photoshop and I need it converted to vector. Tried live trace and the edges do not stay exactly square. The trace looks fine but since the edges are not perfect its not seamless. Is there a way to live trace and retain the exact square outline? Any...
  13. T

    How to copy vector layer or selection between two document?

    Hallo everybody, I didn't understand how copy a vector layer from a document in an other document. Same thing about a selection: how to copy it created (and saved) in a document - to another document? I mean when both document are opened..., of course. Thanks for a reply.
  14. T

    [Photoshop CC] Combine selections, vector masks, alpha channels

    [Photoshop CC] Combine selections, vector masks, alpha channels Hallo everybody, I'd like to know how to combine (merge, subtract or intersect...) slections, but also vector masks and/or alpha channels. See attachment: want I want is (A+B). I tried to use selection but I didn't it. I...
  15. Hybrus

    Low quality image for vector art portrait

    Greetings guyz, I am currently doing a vector portrait, Is there any possibilities to improve the quality of this image? I just want to improve the details and I need to make the image more clearer So when I posterize it in photoshop it will give me good results and details. Hoping somebody out...
  16. U

    A Huge Favour? - PSD > Vector (Free Request)

    Hi Everyone, I created a PSD logo and "Icon" for my upcoming clothing brand - (Brand Removed). Upon printing my first T-Shirt, I have been told that my logo must be Vector to be able to work with Vinyl materials. The only problem is, is that I don't have inDesign, and have never used it myself...
  17. sstjohn

    Vector mask layer(please see image in post)

    How do I achieve a layer like the one shown (vector mask)? I have been using PS for years and I am having a real brain fart here! Please help!
  18. B

    Vectorize my logos Company - Checkered Flag

    Hello, im'brazilian. My english is so bad, so i will try to explain my doubt... This is the logo of my company (thats not my creation): I want to creat a vector of this logo, to use this in large scale whith high definition I found the original FONT of "F1" and i could creat a flag shape...
  19. F

    Illustrator How to convert a vector to black and white?

    Hello, Is there a way to convert a vector with many colors to black and white? Thanks
  20. L

    background vector images or line textures (am not sure what they are called)

    How do i create background vector images for a trifold brochure im tryin to attach a an example